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Taxi Fraud in Istanbul

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I spent a week in Istanbul & it was a good tour & i really liked the city but one thing that really made me feel bad about the city was taxi drivers and the way they try to cheat the tourist. 


I had such a bad experience of istanbul taxi rides that i will never want to go to that city or country again. I took a ride in a taxi with my girl friend the taxi driver asked for 75 turkish lira i didnt had the change so i gave him 200 turkish lira note, somehow he swap (changed) the note & hand me over 20 lira note that i gave him only 20. 


I know i gave him 200 lira my girl friend saw i gave him 200 lira but he started to argue that it was 20. Than he started pretending he doesnt even understand a single english word or what we are talking about. 


So in the end we paid him but this incident really had  a very negative impact of the turkey. My advice to all tourists who want to travel to turkey to be very vigilant and be careful while travelling through taxi.

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Hi Shanne,I know how it feels when one is ripped off on a holiday.. actually I have been a victim on almost all my trips to Istanbul. Recently during my visit in November, while a Taxi driver who drove me around in circles for almost twenty minutes, while my destination was only ten minutes walk from my hotel,then asked me to pay forty liras. Gosh it hurts !

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Someone tried this on me once with the old 50tl to 5tl banknote trick. 


I held his nose and twisted, until he gave me the right change. Then I called the police over to the car. 


What I would recommend, if you go to Istanbul again is to stop a taxi, take a picture of the front license plate then take a picture of the company logo again with the license number which is on the side.


When it comes to paying say what you are paying with, if you're paying with a 50 note say 'elli' to him. Never let the driver out of your sight either.  

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It really should not come to this, shame on the few cheats who get Turkey a bad name. Tourists could hold on to the money until they see the change, or put it on the side and ask the driver to leave it there. We have been had once or twoice with the night rate scam, and i still check the tariff set when we are in a taxi in Istanbul

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I take a taxi home every single day, and the one time the driver tried to rip me off was the one time I spoke English on the phone in front of him... yes, this does seem to be a "seems like a tourist" deal.


I screamed at him in Turkish and he immediately knocked the price back to where it should be. Appearing to know exactly where you're going and how to get there does help.


I saw on Scam City recently that taxi scams usually involve the driver placing notes under his leg "at the ready" to switch at a moment's notice. Something I always do is tell the driver that I only have a certain amount on me, and ask if that will be enough. That always seems to guarantee my fare stays as it should.

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