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How can I buy property in Turkey with trust

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Hi,I am an overseas consultant helping second home buyers to identify mid price range properties. In case you are interested I could introduce you to some developers from Istanbul. So far my research is limited to Istanbul and Antalya. I might be able to suggest some individuals who could help you with the buying process etc. You are welcome to send me a PM.


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First of All I strongly recommend not to buy from the Development stage construction. If you want be hassle free, only go to finished properties which already have ISKAN document... İSKAN BELGESİ (document) is the main document which construction companies has to show this construction has been completed  regarding its architectural plans and debt free to receive it. And if the construction does not have İskan document, means you strongly will be faced off problems in near future.

But still you can say I want to buy a property from a project, I warn you this means %50 less price maybe but also %50 risk.

Most of the construction companies does not have money  to complete all construction at the beginning of the project in Turkey, They get the land from the land owner without paying any money, they made an agreement with land owner to pay with finished flats when they finishes the construction. They receive credit for initial expenses from banks and the start sales from the project, and they make  money if they can make  a sale. So which means if there is no sufficient sales from project, they will never have money to finalize construction. (please do not make a choice trough shinny presentation books)

So it means you will hardly get your flat finished.

we have a lot of clients who suffers from construction companies, which delivers the flats half made, or do not deliver the title deed even after they receive full amount of sale, and because they did not made sale the banks could easily show those real estate to banks to get loan and show them as an ipotek ( escrow) and banks sells the properties... 

And also, its not a rule but if the construction company or real estate agent refer  you a lawyer, be careful a bit. Do not forget, generally lawyers who referred by agents or construction companies are also bounded with them....

But if you still insist to buy from the project you should ask your your right to be written at title book in tapu.. Which should made trough notary, and registered to title deed book it cost a bit money but saves you. Do not trust pre sale agreements, if the title deed does not transferred on your name, those agreement signed between parties will not  force construction company to deliver the title deed on your name.

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Agree with Zelal,This is happening everywhere even here in Dubai, a friend of mine bought an under construction apartment with promises to be finished within 4 years, we are now in the year 11 and he is still not able to get his apartment!

This is crazy, but if I were you I will go with ready properties in a potential growth areas, it's is much safer and if researches happened to be true and you got little lucky, you will get some profit on the resale.

Sam ...

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A different perspective based on personal experience.

We bought the shell of a villa in a complex - we hired a contractor to complete the house - the house is almost complete some cosmetic problems - we have all the necessary papers.

The emlak found this house he received 3% of the purchase price from us - the Tapu was transferred by the owner to us at the Title office - no lawyer involved. Paper work was checked before buying by us. No problems.

The only problems we had was with the contractor - he was slow and the work was amateurish and some cosmetic repairs are still outstanding - nevertheless we would do it again - this time being careful with the chosen mutahayit.

Hope this helps.

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Good afternoon,

I run a real-estate business in Antalya.  I don't know which area you wish to buy in but my company sells properties in and around Antalya.  I'm English and have helped several foreigners buy properties here.

If you intend buying in this area and are in Antalya any time you are welcome to contact me - details below in a signature.

happy house hunting!

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I agree with Ms. Zelal and I see that her lead includes useful info for those who are willing to invest real estate in Turkey. 

It is just not wise to buy an unfinished property and agree with a promissory seller (so called developer/muteahhit) on a deal which you make a significant amount of upfront payment, unless having your partial zone registered on title of deed. Plus, it is also important to make sure that developer's prior references are satisfying.

We have been dealing with numerous cases where our clients (mostly non-turkish) were cheated by developers who commit to build up and sell the property in good shape in the first place, but later it turns out that none of the contractual terms have been met. That's pretty common recently, as any new day there is another so-called developer pop-up in the market without having any reputation and experience. 

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Especially as you are not sure in which area you want to live, I would strongly advise renting for at least a year to get to know an area, then, if you don't like it or there are problems, like the heat in Antalya in the summer, it is relatively easy to move. Areas can be very different in Summer and winter also. What might seems a lively place during summer months turns out to be a ghost town in winter or that nice quiet area you chose suddenly is blasted with music from seasonal night clubs or thoughtless neighbours.

Also if you live in an area you get to know people and you can get local advice.

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