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Teacher Recruitment Agencies in Turkey

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Hello All!

I was wondering if any of you might have specific contact information for teacher recruitment agencies actually based in Turkey.  I am looking for a EFL position for 2nd term or next school year in the Izmir area preferably, but will consider Istanbul. I have a degree, am a certified teacher in the US with full-time teaching experience, and also hold a 120hr TESOL certification.

I have perused this forum thoroughly and followed much of the advice for finding job boards, cold contacting schools directly in the area, and also am registered with some international teacher agencies, but would also like to setup teacher profiles with local recruitment agencies. I have found Southwest Recruiting out of Istanbul and Marmaris Recruiting, but I'm unsure what the reputation is for these agencies.

I was hoping maybe someone here might have direct contact info for local agencies in Turkey or even direct contacts at some of the schools in or near Izmir.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi im also interested in this. I don't have a degree nor do I have any teaching experience however I have completed 120 hours TEFL online and have my certificates as my proof including the relevant papers from the course. I have been told my lesson planning is fantastic and have a portfolio of lesson plans and activities that I have put together myself during the course. I will be looking for a teaching job at the end of next year and was wondering how I would go about getting a job with no experience. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Posted Image

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I'm a member of marmarisrecuritment although not gone through the application and appointment of jobs yet more as a way of keeping up to date with the job market should I need to relocate to Turkey. I've met with one of the co-owners when I was in Turkey and they are English. They are really helpful and open. They recently started (within the last 2 years) they've sent details out for most parts of Turkey and other countries.

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Thanks LindaAnneStaines!

I certainly appreciate all of the help. I had an interview with International House in Istanbul on Tuesday and have a follow-up next week and I have an interview on Monday with a school in Beylikduzu through SouthWest. Hopefully I will find something soon!

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