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Marmaris to Istanbul

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I am travelling to Turkey in June next year with my family. We are staying in a place called Marmaris we booked the holiday with a company called  A1 Travel. I am not a big fan of beach holidays so i am considering to go to Istanbul for a few days. Does anyone know what the cheapest way to get there by flight or car?

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Flight prices from marmaris to istanbul depend on how early you buy the ticket. Nonetheless going by car will take around 13 hours and i wouldn't recommend you to do that. Both flying and going by car will cost you approx. Same amount but of course flying will be easier. If you are a brave person, rent a car and drive with sightseeing.

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Many people come to marmaris for the beach and sun , but if you want to visit istanbul from Marmaris and if you want to stay there for couple of days things will get complicated , it will be hard to arrange airport transfers ,flight tickets , hotel and etc . It can be also expensive , what i will recommend for you is just visit istanbul for day from Marmaris.


its a long tour for 24 hours but you see most of the highlights of istanbul , like Topkapi Place , Hippodrome , Blue Mosque , Egyptian Bazaar and Eminönü.



check this out



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