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Turkish credit card in UK

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Does anyone have experience of using a Turkish bank's credit card (mastercard or visa) in UK?

Are there any extra charges?

What kind of exchange rate do they give? Is it extremely unfavourable?

What are the pros and cons of the alternatives to the credit card?


Thanks for any help with this. 


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Hi Fil, yes I've used my Yapı Kredi VISA card in UK, Hungary, France and Czech Republic and many times in Greece (Meis). What I usually do is pre-load it with as much as much I think I am going to spend since I only have a very small limit. I can't say exactly how much it cost in different places but when I saw my account (online) I didn't think it was exorbitant. If you are going to withdraw money from a machine using the card I have always heard that if you pre-load it is cheaper because the cost of cash advances is greater than that for purchases.

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