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Inquiry about MD. and Dentistry Transfer students

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Hello everybody
My name is Sari and I'm a 3rd year Iraqi M.

D student, currently living in Libya with my family..

Me and  my brother who is a 3rd year Dentistry student are planning to move to Turkey and study there starting next year,

so we are looking for a  State University that teaches in ENGLISH  for both Medicine and Dentistry, or at least a province which has English-teaching faculties for Med. and Dentistry -so that  we could stay in close proximity to one another-

so given that:

-what Universities/Provinces fall in this criteria?
-what are the regulations concerning  foreign transfer students in general?


-And if  it  makes any difference- the  University in which  we're enrolled in teaches in English using universal textbooks.

Any help is  greatly appreciated Posted Image


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Welcome Sari


Sari is a form of Indian dress - or the colour yellow in Turkish - which is it? I am being facetious Posted Image


One of the government universities who offer Medicine in Izmir is the Dokuz Eylul University - the university has a good reputation - see the link below




A brief look at the website does not show Dentistry - but my current dentist graduated from that university- so it must.


Another university is Bilkent university Ankara - this is however a private university, there is alsoo Haceteppe university in Ankara but I dont know what the language of instruction is.


Besides Izmir is a more interesting city..

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Hey GBD 
Sari has three meanings in Arabic the most frequently used is: "the man who travels at night" ,but it could also means "the rainy cloud" depending on the context,  and  it is pronounced exactly like the Indian Sari :) .

Regarding the Dokuz Eylul University their application for foreign students in their website stated the following

"The basic language of instruction at DEU is Turkish, So candidates must know Turkish in both spoken and written" ~  found at the bottom of this page http://goo.gl/ITg0HD.

Haceteppe has both English-taught and Turkish-taught groups for Medicine but  they didn't provide any information regarding Dentistry.
and I really prefer Izmir and it was the first thing on my mind when I looked for schools there.

And do you have any idea about tuition fees in general?

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Hi Sari,


I shall try and find out some information and will PM you - it may take some time but I will come back to you. 


The link talks about passing a Foreign Language proficiency test but later (as you said) the language of instruction is TurkishPosted Image


GDB (General Dogs Body) not GBD Posted Image

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Hi Sari,


As promised my wife has been doing some research for you. She got this information by speaking to the Universies's registrars - Dokuz Eylul and Ege Universities in Izmir and Ankara university and Hacettepe in Ankara.


Apparently the only Uni which teaches in English is Haceteppe (www.oıd.hacettepe.edu.tr) in Ankara. Sorry - I know you wanted to come to Izmir 


I am also informed that the fees this year are 2000Tl per term/semester.


In order to get a place in University you are required to contact the Consulate/Embassy in your country and apply from there - another requirement is that you must speak Turkish to what level I do not know.


Good luck

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Hello all, I am an international student and I'm so interested in studying medicine in Hacettepe as I know it is a great university. I have took the SAT and scored 1910(690 math, 620CR, 600 writing), on the SAT subject tests I scored 730 on SAT mathematics level 2 and 700 biology and my chemistry scores are coming in a couple of days. I took the TOEFL too and scores 108/120 (627 PBT). What are my chances at getting accepted to hacettepe ?

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