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How does Turkish culture feel about younger men marrying older women?

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The woman I want to marry comes from a traditional Turkish family. I also come from a traditional Turkish family however i was raised in Australia and she was in Turkey. We love each other very much but we need both of our families blessing for us to get married. She is 1 year older than me, will this cause any issues? Is it acceptable in traditional Turkish culture for the woman to be older than the man?
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Hi Aydinn, welcome to the forum.


An age difference of one year is neither here nor there.  I know of Turkish marriages where the wife is  older than the husband and no-one looks down on them for that.  It's a personal thing, and if it doesn't matter to the two of you or your families, then it's nobody's business.


Your fiancee would be able to tell you if her family is likely to object on these grounds ---  but I doubt they would.  So go ahead with your marriage, and good luck to you both! Posted Image

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