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Earthquakes and Buildings

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When purchasing a new build or an apartment that was built in the last 5 years, how would the buyer determine whether the building was constructed to be "earthquake safe?" I'm sure there is no such guarantee however is there a specification (or, name of specification) that I should be looking for in order to determine whether the structure was built responsibly?

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Since the Izmit earthquake in 1999, A law was passed requiring ALL new structures be built to withstand a magnitude 10.0 earthquake. Existing structures were required to be reinforced or torn down and re-built.


The way it is now for new builds (probably including yours since it was so recent), local inspectors which belong to a licensed organization, sanctioned by the government, visit the construction site to ensure quality materials and sound methods are used in construction. This organization is called the Yapı Denetim Ofisi (yah-puh deh-neh-teem oh-fee-see), or Building Inspection Office. There is one in every major city, you will need to find out where your local office is. You can get a copy of their report for a fee.

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