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US Electronic Equipment in Turkey

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Don't laugh but another silly question here -- my cable modem, wireless router, PC and laptop. All of this will work in Turkey, correct? I just need to buy the converter that goes form the Turkish outlet to US outlet? I assume the cable modem from the ISP (internet service provider, "Comcast") will also work for cable internet providers in Turkey?

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Before you plug it in using just a plug adapter you might want to check the voltage rating on the equipment. if it's rated at 120V you will blow up the transformer and possibly damage the equipment or even start a fire.

Turkey is on 220V, so your equipment must be rated to handle 110-220V. It will say on the label on the transformer (it's the box attached to the cord between the wall and the device itself) what its rating is. It'll either say 120V or 110-220V.

If it's the former you need a power converter as well as a plug adapter; if it's the latter it should be okay with just the plug adapter. I found out the hard way when I blew up my wii transformer which was rated at 120V.

Luckily the game box wasn't damaged, but I'm pretty sure I got lucky that time. Most laptops are rated up to 220V, so you're probably okay, but check it first.

Instead of buying a cheap plug adapter, which are generally pretty cheaply made, I suggest going to a local computer shop and getting an actual cord for the computer (just the cable that connects the transformer to the wall, not the transformer part itself, unless of course the voltage rating is too low).

You can pick up the cable at a local computer shop for less than 10TL, or go to a big electronic store and get the same thing for 3-5 times that.

As far as the modem and router working here, I don't know, I kind of doubt it, but don't take my word for it. the PC and laptop will work though.

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