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Internet Problems/Options

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Hi all--


So I've had TTNET for over a year now.  During the winter, my connectivity was very bad.  It seemed like it was a lot, lot worse whenever it rained.  Example: some evenings I would be on Skype with family/friends and my line would be dropped as many as a dozen times in a half hour.  It was very frustrating.


I Turkey for a vacation in the States in June and came back at the end of August.  For several weeks, the internet was sheer bliss--not one problem.  I forgot all about my former internet problems.  Then it rained last week, and it's been hellish since.  Didn't have the internet for almost 24 hours.  It was extremely spotty for several days after that.  It seems much worse than i remember.


I mentioned my problems to a friend and she said that she has superonline.  She said that she has had only one problem in a couple years, and that they came out right away.  Also, it's cheaper.  She sent me a link:




It is 59TL for a month with a 2 year contract.


My husband is wary of the contract.  We are not certain that we are going to stay in Izmir for 2 years (i.e. could move to Istanbul or possibly back to the States).  It is not entirely clear what the penalty is from breaking it.


Does anyone have this service?  I did read other threads regarding this and it seems like others have found superoneline to be unsavory or that they just go through TTNET anyway.  


We have called TTNET three or four times and they haven't come out.  I feel like I'm at the end of my rope with them, very, very tired of having such unreliable service.  Any thoughts?

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We have been with TTNET for several years and the quality has gone right down. I am told by the TTNET engineer (yes they do come out) that there are only 3 people who use the internet in the village. i will look to try something better next year when back in Turkey permenantly.

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See if this is useful: http://www.turkeycentral.com/topic/17968-internet-service-providers-and-problems/


Do whatever it takes to get the TTNET techs to come check for noise on the lines on the road and the one from the road to your house. If you pick up your phone and there is background crackle and pop, you have a noise line problem which, without a doubt, lowers the quality of your ADSL connection.


Make sure the box that the cable from the road connects to is dry during or immediately after a rain. If it is not get a new one. Have and electrician come and check the connections in the box and also the lines coming from the box in to your house. If these are all old wires and connections, replace them all with new copper wires, a new box and connectors, and new phone jacks in your walls.


Get some new ADSL splitters and use them if you have any sort of phone, fax or other device which needs a phone line.


None of these solutions are expensive and they can make a difference if you are far away (over 4 km) from the telephone exchange (concentrator).


No service provider can give you faster connection speeds than the cable to which you are connected. If you have a fibre-optic road line running by your house then much faster speeds are easily possible (lucky you). If you have plain-vanilla copper lines then 8 Mbps is the fastest you will ever get and will be lucky to get that.


TTNET is the main "backbone" connection for Turkey. All other providers lease their lines from TTNET as far as I know.

SuperOnline does... I did a traceroute to:

www.superonline.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 (  2.011 ms  3.050 ms  4.089 ms

---6 hops later... there shows good old TTNET  8 (

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Thank you for your reply, Hobbit. Thanks esp. for the info on superonline.  Good to know, esp. because superonline want a 2 year committment/contract that sounds pretty punitive if you cancel.

 I will check your suggestions out one by one.  We have called TTNET at least 5 times, but haven't even gotten a call back, much less a visit from a Real Person.  Sigh.  But your suggestions give me some positive steps to take.  thanks much--

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 I will check your suggestions out one by one.  We have called TTNET at least 5 times, but haven't even gotten a call back, much less a visit from a Real Person.  Sigh. 

If you have a Turkish friend, take that person to the local TTNET office and tell them the problem. We have found that sometimes the right hand does not tell the left what is going on. The local office may not know you have a request OR they may be in the process of acting upon it depending upon demand and number of complaints they have to deal with. Ms Hobbit is a very diplomatic person who seems to be able to make even a hardened bureaucrat crack a smile. A smile, a patient request, some polite chatter, and the willingness to drink some tea may aid you in your quest.


If the local office does not or will not respond call back to the English speaking TTNET main number (444 0 375 & then press 99), tell them you want to register a complaint and/or speak to a manager.

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