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Screening Tests

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The following will be available to brits in turkey who have access to UK health system.

New screening tests will be available on demand from GP surgery/hospital for heart disease, kidney, stroke, bowel cancers, and more widespead monitoring of brest cancer as a preventative measure.

Also screening will be offered for Aortic Anurisims which when they present immediate death usually occurs.

In addition to this ,if you wish ,you should take the opportunity to have your BP checked, liver function, triglcerides and cholesterol levels checked, as well as your P S I levels which are an indicator of prostate cancer.

Many of these tests are done inthe surgery by taking blood and sending for analysis which generally takes 5/10 days.

Good luck. James.

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I don't think he means Brits IN Turkey but to Brits who live here but visit the UK. Do you have to be living there for 9 months of the year(normal qualifying period to be classed as a resident for NHS free treatment) to have them done free of charge? I know most GPs turn a blind eye to this but an elderly woman who lives here in Turkey went back to the UK for treatment a few months ago and she was sent a big bill. The article in the paper(Mail) had comments from people. Quite a lot supported her saying it was scandalous as she and her husband were receiving UK pensions and paying tax on them while some said that as she's decided to leave the UK, hard luck, that was her decision.

I've found this article about it in the 'Telegraph'.Brit forced to pay for NHS treatment.How do you feel about this all you members out there. Let's hear what you think. :)

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In response to Sunny's question I think it's terrible. There was a documentary on channel 4 last year (I think) which followed ex-pats returning to the UK from Spain. Most of the people featured in this programme had reached retirement age. When faced with health problems many made the decision to return to the UK only to find that they were no longer eligible for health or social care! The people in this documentary had worked hard, paid their taxes and national insurance. It is something to consider when making plans to relocate.

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What i find abominable is that after paying so much tax in the uk and NI contributions for years that just because we don't live there full time does not mean we should not have access, we do after all still carry UK passports. I find it amazing that someone can wander into the uk and within a few days can access the health system.

If they want to go down that route, then we should ask for a lump sum back from HM treasury. As far as I'm concerned, i still have an address back in the UK, seriously just make sure you are registered somewhere, on an electoral roll. To be honest, its getting to a point with the UK Govt, that you should tell them nothing. Just say nothing.

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