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New building laws re earthquakes

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Hi,I was hoping someone could confirm some information or point me in the the right direction. I own and live in an apartment on the Asian side of Istanbul. Last week all the owners met to discuss offering our building to a developer to knock it down and build a new apartment block. The building is 31 years old and although there is no proof, the other owners are worried about the safety of the building vis-a-vis an earthquake.

At the moment this is our choice to make but they said that as of 2016, the authorities (from the council I think) will come around and carry out extensive checks to test the building. If it is not sound we will have 2 months (or possibly 4, I'm not sure) to vacate, and the building will be knocked down.

Can anyone tell me if what I have been told is true? I want to check because there is a lot of pressure on me to agree, and I don't have enough information to know what to do.

Thanks very much.


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I do not have specific information about the status of your region. However, I can give you a very general information.


City Transformation Code has given authority and responsibility to the owner. However, if one area or single building is in the risk of earthquakes,  the ministry or municipality directly take responsibility.


Even just one owner can apply to the competent bodies and ask a report  whether  the building in risk or not.  If the building is in risk according to the report, you should to knock it down.  After the required time periods and procedures  if the owners do not knock it down, themselves, this task is carried out by the municipality.


After knocking down, owners can decide by  2/3 majority about how to use the land. (Rebuilt, sell, make an agreement with a constructer ect)


The Share  which is belonging to the owner who do not wish to participate in the decision, will be sold to the other owners.  The  selling price is determined by the ministry. If nobody do not want to buy it, the ministry will buy and be shareowner.  

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A friend of mine in Istanbul agreed to knock down and rebuild their apartment building. The contractor added another floor and was "given" that for his fees/costs/profit/whatever. My friend said their new place is now valued nearly double what it was before and it now meets the earthquake code. Posted Image


Of course they had to move into a temporary place for over half a year until the construction was finished. Posted Image

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