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Registering a scooter in your name

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Hi I have bought a scooter and have a residents permit tax number and kimlik number.


When the garage man tries to obtain the number plate and  types in the tax or kimlik number as asked on the form it comes back systen down try again, I have checked the same with my wifes numbers and get the same answer, however when the guy typed in another Englishman he had sold to his came up straight away with his name on the form.


Do I have to go totheNufus office and tell them I am living in Turkey before I can register my scooter, or is there another problem any one knows about?



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You don't state in what part of Turkey you live in,but my first port of call would be to go to your local tax office ,maybe with a Turkish speaking friend & start by checking both your tax numbers are correct on the system. Your Yabanci Kimlik number should be correct if you used the internet site to get them as you have to put your date of birth & R/P number in to get it.

When i went to sell my 1st scooter here in Bodrum to a friend,first the Noter said i didn't own the scooter?!?!...then said my birthdate on the 'system' was 1598...what the???,so we nipped to the local tax office to rectify everything.

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REDDERS, great advice. We have seen vehicle registration numbers mistakenly transposed between the documents and the vehicle and have seen a foreigner somehow listed on a database as a Turkish citizen! Posted Image


harpercudworth, as advised; do not try to do this by yourself and make sure your translator is not intimidated by and is friendly with government officials and has a friendly personality. Be prepared to drink a lot of tea. Posted Image

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