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House hunting in Guzelbahce

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We are living in temporary acc in Alsancak whilst we house hunt in Guzelbahce. We have a relocation agent but the property they are sending us to see is old and tired... Can anyone recommend complexes/ areas to look at? We are a family looking for a house, preferably with access to a pool, and with a view of the bay (we don't need to be close to the sea just be able to see it). I know new ones are being built all the time (from driving around) but am finding it hard to search for them on the internet. The sahbinden website seems to be down as well, I'm hoping this is just temporary for today. Any help/ advice greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi EmmaD.   I like the site milliyetemlak.com for searching for places to live.  I did a search and it came up with over 60 prospects, some of which are villas.  I did see one villa for 1100TL and another for 1300TL.  Considering it's a villa and not an apartment, it seems like a very good price to me, but then I'm in the thick of things in Izmir.  Here is the link of the places I found:




Good luck and keep us posted--

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I've just realized it's not clear whether you are looking to rent.......... or to buy ? Posted Image


This is a good site : http://www.emlak.net/Konut/Satilik-Daire/Izmir/


It's in Turkish.  From the left-hand column you can choose parameters (ie. rent or buy, house, flat or villa, etc etc), then further down choose the areas in Turkey looking for, even right down to the the neighbourhood. Each ad has a good description with photos.


Happy house-hunting!  I hope you find what you want (and let us know?). :)

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Thank you so much for all your help. We have found somewhere in Zeytinalani and hopefully move in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get out of temporary accommodation!


On another note, does anyone have any recs for home contents insurance? I will post separately for this too

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