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Any one know of Turkish cooking classes in London?

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Hi everyone

Firstly I am terrible cook! Always have been! Didn't do cooking at school as I was too much into sport etc. not every girly!

I'm not completely useless! I can do lasagne, shepherds pie etc.

I'm now engaged to a Turkish man who is a brilliant cook and as I work he does most of it each day. I absolutely love Turkish food so I'm happy but I'd love to be able to cook Turkish dishes.

I've tried my local college but I can't find any Turkish cookery lessons. I wondered if anyone knew of any colleges/ companies / lessons available in London?

Thank you Posted Image

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LindaAnne- maybe you can answer this question, as I always wondered...  First, what makes you think you are a bad cook?  Then, why can't you cook?  I don't mean this to be rude, but if you get a cookbook and read it, there are directions!  Maybe I just take too much for granted, but I want to try to understand why.


This is a great website to get you started.  http://www.turkishcookbook.com


We could try one together!  How bout you pick one you like and read it ahead, ask me anything you don't understand and see how they turn out?

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Hi tater tot.

I have a couple of Turkish cook books - possibly the one u mentioned too.

Trust me every time I attempt something it goes wrong. To day was et borek. The mince bit fine its the same basis as shepherd pie. It was the pastry bit. Hubby to be bought thick pastry when I was sure it had to be thin Filo but thought he knew best - and best not to argue with a Turk lol.

We've just moved to flat with gas - I'm used to electric ovens so any cakes I make (which I'm usually good at) burn. With the borek my down fall may also have been the dish. I used glass the only one we have. But the pastry just didn't cook, rise or browned and the layer under the mean just melted away. I followed the recipe step by step?!?

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Borek?  You're braver than I am!


I know they usually use an aluminum pan, so that may be it.  I don't make it because I can't bear to consume all that butter!


I keep it simple- pilav, different soups, beans, dolmas, ispinak ve yurmurta.  And any desserts by Ulker!


Electric vs gas- what a difference!  I burned many things when we moved from a gas to electric.  With gas, when you turn down the fire on the stove, it's immediate.  NOT so with electric.  But at least my glass top is easier to clean- I don't miss taking out all those grates!


You'll get there!

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Heya tatertotThanks for the tips. I do make a good ispinak ve yumuta :) I tried borek because I can make baklava although not made that in the gas oven. The recipe I had for borek didn't have much butter in it. Was just the wrong pastry and pan combination but such a waste of food and I was still hungry as it was no where near edible!

I've been searching the net but no where does a Turkish cookery cause - gap in the market for someone!

The search continues Thanks for your help :)

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I've always though Turkish cooking to be pretty simple. An amalgamation of tasty ingredients. Last night I made kisir and dolma along with some tarhana soup, all from scratch. 


I'm not waiting for smoke to be blown up my proverbial, just that I find it quite simple. 


I haven't attempted borek yet, my MiL makes it to perfection and I'm scared I can't emulate it. 

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I've been craving meat.  I started teaching, so my fridge is bear and nothing looks good.  All I want is a burger.  But we only eat halal.  I've been eating beets from last week with spinach and feta.  Maybe I've been too healthy and my devil side is revolting.


Can't wait to go to Turkey in December.  Need kebap!

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