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I thought it might be nice for those of us married to a Turk to give a little overview of our lives with them!  For example:


Where live


How met

How long dated/are married

The wedding



I'll cut and paste these and respond.  Look forward to everyone's answers!

Where live- Near Philadelphia, PA.  He's from Izmit, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Istanbul


Kids- daughter, 8, from my previous situation.  One 14 month old with my husband.  He wants one more!  (But I'll be 40 in a few weeks, so hello, pressure!)


How met- "a mutual friend" is our story.


How long dated/are married- we knew each other for 1 1/2 years.  He told his family about me then, in Feb.  (We were both here in Philly.)  Got "engaged" then and got legally married in April.  Then, went to Turkey for the Turkish wedding in July.  Stayed there for 9 weeks.


The wedding- courthouse near Philly, then salon wedding in Turkey.  Loved the kinah gecesi.  So different from here!  Could go on, but you get the GI.


Lifestyle/Religion- Suni Muslim with a large helping of Sufism.


Misc- husband trying to find work, now that he's got a greencard.  His degree in Turkey is media/advertising/marketing.  It's not easy breaking into that industry.



I hope that will start the proverbial ball rolling.  If you think of more categories, add them and we can keep posting!



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2 - 10yrs. 7yrs.


teaching an adult evening class!! He's from Istanbul.


17 months from meeting to marriage. Married for 14yrs.


married in Italy. Blessing in UK church. Party in Istanbul.


Lived 1 yr in Istanbul. 12yrs in UK. Tried it back in Istanbul, lasted just over a year before deciding to come back.

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We married in Italy because we didn't want a huge do with tons of people we didn't know and none of my friends and family there.....so we decided that no-one would be there and they couldn't moan about it!!

Some of his family are fine, and keep themselves to themselves, but his immediate family are a bit of a pain - always problems, dramatic and self-centred, they're quite depressing to be around.

I'm English, and he's become more English than Turkish in his mentality, he's much more comfortable here.

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