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Handbook For Students of Turkish

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Hello all,

This is a very interesting handbook I've found online written by the National Middle East Resource Center. It contains advice on learning Turkish. It's some common sense advice but it's also one of the most well thought out and clear guides that I've read before. It takes you through the thought behind how best to learn Turkish in many different settings, though it's really for people taking Turkish in a class structure for the most part. It doesn't necessarily provide new information, just a really new way of looking at how you're learning and how you approach Turkish.

I thought I would share it with you all since it was rather helpful for me and made me think about what I was doing and how I could make my study of Turkish more effective and fun at the same time.

Here's the link:


(Note: It's a PDF so it might take a bit to load, though it's only 34 pages so it's not one of those massive things.)

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Thanks Paks. I was going to ask you how your course went. How fluent did you become during your stay in Istanbul and how will you use it back in the States?

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My course was amazing! I don't know how fluent I became really... I can use the first three tenses pretty easily, Present, Past and Future. And I know basic vocabulary, but there's still so much to cover. I've been inspired though because of my trip. I think I'm going to transfer to another College that has the best Turkish program in the States. I'm not satisfied with my school's program, and this one is really intense and has a lot of extra help and is also based around gaining professional fluency not just normal College classes!

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It sounds as if you are doing well, but what motivated you to learn Turkish in the first place?

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