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Kas marina

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Hello again, I haven't posted for a while- currently we are out sailing around the Aegean and Lycian coasts, a trip which I do intend on elaborating on for any sailors on this forum- it is unfortunate then that this little outpouring is in fact a grumble rather than a mooring description or anchorage recommendation.

So......... We have just been to the highly recommended and widely advertised " most modern marina" in Turkey! In fact,The Marina is just a marina, ok, so the toilets are posh and the leaves are swept( ??? ) off of the grass ( which, intentionally all grows in the same direction at a perpendicular angle of 36 degrees) but the majority of the staff in this heavily starched surrounding have chips on their shoulders which would fill the counters nationwide of all the Harry Ramsdens in England!

If you sail then you will know that when you are cruising around there are many charter boats and many charterers who might be nervous when it comes to parking in a marina berth or against a pontoon for that matter, it is only through trial and error that somebody new will learn the manoeuvres. As an experienced sailor parking, (berthing) is ( excuse the pun ) plain sailing, so when we are shown into a berth ( fine) then the skipper is INSTRUCTED what to do by the joker boat driver, fore lines and aft lines physically removed from the hands of adept crew members by the same joker......one can excuse their rather over zealousness as enthusiasm.

Parked and ready to explore, but first check in. This isn't my whine, the skipper marches back from the office fifteen minutes after marching over to the office after having to wait in a queue to then be told he needs registration docs insurance docs, transit log, ins and outs of the cats ( clears throat...) etcetera....

Things could have got worse, ie more complicated....

But they didn't, so all good.

One of the resons for coming here was to be able to go to the swimming pool.......

STOP! 25 tl each please, even to use their access to the sea??? Are you having a laugh? Needless to say, we didn't go there. Actually I will say that completely opposite the marina is a tiny beautiful beach frequented by locals and the beer and coca cola is entirely free as is the access to the turquoise water, which is seeped into by cold fresh water springs, gorgeous! Shame about the view of Kas Marina!

We have named all of the bays in which we have stopped over the past fifteen or so days, kas marina is no exception, this place has been re named " whisper shhh" bay. But be careful not to say " shush " too loudly as it may wake up the people who are trying to die quietly parked next to you, as one of my children whispered... " mum, these people look like they have all come here to die!" She is a teenager, thus somewhat rude, but I reckon she has a point!

Departure was the final twist of the knife, again some bloke in a joker boat with a notepad ( they all have notepads, maybe that's what gives them their officious air) instructed us mooring line by mooring line how to get away, here's the bullet, HE asked us to hurry up " because he had lots of boats waiting to leave" the only reason HE had to help us TO leave was because their lines at the marina were too short and they had borrowed one of ours when we arrived, so he had to hand it back to us. His whole manner was crap, he pointed to our Turkish courtesy flag and instructed us to have a new one as it offended him ( it is a little faded but so would you be if you were flapping round a mast in this heat) it's none of his business but a new larger shinier one is actually top of the list along with dinghy puncture patches!!;) bah, he really needs lessons in public liaisons!

I find it incredible to believe that Kas marina is a sister marina to netsel in marmaris, which is where we are based where the staff and the atmosphere is normal, fun and relaxed and friendly and genuine, not pretentious, arrogant and condescending which pretty much sums up the majority of the staff here and it's general ambience!

There is no section on trip advisor in which to post this review, so I apologise once more that you have had to have it, all guns blaring!!!

:) thanks, I feel better now!!

Love Lin xx

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Wow! Quite and adventure. Posted Image Did you complain to the Marina Manager Tuncay Özses?

Previously he was the Marina Manager at Finike and assistant Marina Manager in Istanbul.

I know of some UK boat owners who liked him a lot at Finike.

He speaks excellent English and told me some months ago that he appreciates all comments or complaints.

A proper business would say, if you have a complaint tell us, if you had a good time tell everyone.

It will not make your previous stay any easier but if you wrote him your complaints, perhaps it would make it better for someone else?

Tuncay Özses

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +90 242 836 34 70

Or the Harbour Chief?

Ümit Gölgeci
E-Mail: [email protected]

If that gets no response or results, a complaint higher up might help??


Happy sailing or whatever boat people say to one another Posted Image

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Yeah, thought about that Hobbit, but one never knows how " thick " ie; "friendly" one set of managers are with another, so if I phone up and air my grumblings they then call the next marina, and the next marina and the next marina and say " watch out for a whingeing bunch of English" consequently we are given a harder time.... Then the coastguards because the flag is faded (!!!!!!!)......who knows?

I'll wait till we are off the boat then maybe drop him a mail.

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I would be shocked and surprised if Tuncay Bey would do that to you. Perhaps something more diplomatic than this "getting it off your chest" commentary would be enough to make your dissatisfaction known. They cannot correct (if they are willing) what they have not been told about. If no one has a complaint, then one must suppose all is well. Correct?

May you have blue skies on your sailing.

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Hey Hobbit, totally agree with you man, I wanted to telephone even as we were leaving the marina or even call them up on channel 73 VHF but SKIPPER said no - and HIS word must be obeyed.

HE said no for the reasons I mentioned above - so wether that s his paranoia or indeed many years experience and now YMI qualification - who knows - but SKIPPER he is.

Plus, I was never complaining in the start, merely grumbling... What exactly do I have to complain about?

They are over helpful with the lines upon mooring........ As I saiid charter crews and inexperienced sailors would LOVE this. Some personnel working there struck me as pompous, impersonable and arrogant and rude with egotistical attitudes, this is merely my opinion - how serious would a " complaint" be taken if the route of the complaint was a mere personality clash?

No, complaining about my experience would not ascertain a turnaround of Kas' marinas personnel s attitudes, however a brief review if read by any other visiting mariner may put them in anticipation of such a reception.

Perhaps this is the wrong place on the wrong forum for such advice, m' I bad!

Also....... It's probably best aswell when sailing, to " bite ones tongue" who knows about if we're heading back this way in a week and hit a force seven Meltemi?????

We may NEED to use Kas as a port of refuge...........so,Hobbit, we just smile and wave nicely!!:)

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I find it incredible to believe that Kas marina is a sister marina to netsel in marmaris, which is where we are based where the staff and the atmosphere is normal, fun and relaxed and friendly and genuine, not pretentious, arrogant and condescending which pretty much sums up the majority of the staff here and it's general ambience!

Marmaris rules Posted Image

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