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Internet Service Providers and Problems

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We live in Kaş and our Internet Service Provider (ISP) is TTNET. We asked if we should change our ISP to another company. The technician we spoke with mentioned that because TTNET is part of TurkTelekom, when we have to call one we get both. He gave an example, if SuperOnline became our provider and we had a problem, we would then have to contact TurkTelekom for the wires coming to our house AND SuperOnline for any Internet problems we might have. That would then create two headaches instead of one. It made sense to us and we decided to stay with TTNET.

TurkTeleKom is the sole provider of Internet access to Turkey. They are like AT&T used to be in the United States, a monopoly. TTNET is a subsidiary of TurkTelekom and an ISP.

The problems of connectivity have many complicating factors. One thing you should understand, all ISP's claim "speeds up to..." which is the catch. IF you have a great connection you can get the max that you pay for, otherwise you may not.

We had our phone company check noise in the line, there was a lot. Pick up a NON-Cordless phone connected to your main jack coming into the house. If it is "noisy" with popping and/or crackling line noise, get it fixed. Once our line noise was quiet, we got better reception.

We live in a village and are at the farthest point from our concentrator, a device which amplifies the phone line signal from its origin. We are more than 4 kilometres from the concentrator for our village which is the maximum distance for a copper line. Until or unless we get a concentrator in the village itself, we will never get maximum speeds for which we pay.

I will list a few possible problems:

Physical distance between your place and the telephone exchange (concentrator) is over 4 km.

Your modem not plugged into the master phone jack coming into your house.

An aluminum (bad) and not copper (good) line all the way into your house from the street lines or underground cable.

Line noise on the phon lines coming to your house? The phone company is liable for checking this but ONLY to the point of connection to your house.

Cable noise inside the house can be checked by the phone company or an electrician for a fee.

Poor quality or old or no cordless phone filters? Fax machines, cordless phones and other electronic devices in the house can cause a lot of interference.

I found these web sites which give a lot of good info about how to better your connections.BT offers to 'speed up broadband' "Broadband speeds vary for a variety of reasons, including distance from the telephone exchange. "Broadband Dropouts10 CAUSES OF ADSL DROP OUT:This article by FreedomHouse is an interesting critique of the monopoly of Turk Telekom and its government overseers."There are 150 internet service providers (ISPs) in Turkey, but the majority act as resellers for the dominant, partly state-owned Turk Telekom, which provides more than 95 percent of the broadband access in the country. Liberalization of local telephony is still pending, and the delay undermines competition in the fixed-line and broadband markets."Internet connections are made either by Türk Telekom or by private companies using Turk Telekom's communication lines.

This article "Major ISP in Turkey" goes on to list Internet Service Providers in Turkey."...you may not know that reliable connectivity isn’t always possible, although it is rather cheap. Internet Service Providers in Turkey can usually provide you with 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plans of unlimited access as well as 24 hours of technical support (although this might be hard to find in languages other than Turkish)"They do not however list SuperOnline, one of the oldest providers who are now owned by TurkCell.

A Public Relations release about a new service by TurkCell SuperOnline:Turkcell Superonline Provides Turkey's First Personal Cloud Service SuperDepo at an Upload Speed of 100 Mbps

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