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Last time I was in Bodrum, I had to experience the fact that a lot of crap is on sale near the harbour. I am looking for typical Turkish/Middle Eastern things such as nazar's (evil eyes) and tespih's (bead chains of sorts). Furthermore, I would like to buy a cezve (Turkish coffee pot), tea glasses and stuff like that. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding a place to go, if I am looking for this?

I am unfortunately probably not spending more than a day in Bodrum (and, effectively, Turkey) before moving on to Greece, so I am not going to have very much time to look. Besides, I would like to buy a couple of bottles of Tekirdağ rakı to take with me. Does the tax free shop at the harbour carry quality Turkish liquor? It's a while since I've been in Bodrum.

Is it, furthermore, possible to purchase liquor in supermarkets (I mean given Erdoğan's latest policies and everything), in case they don't have it?

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Hi Linde,

The general rule in all major tourist centres is "buyer beware" - judge your prospective purchases on the basis of "do I really like this?" Why not try the mini bazaar near the mosque on Bitez beach - a smaller sea so not so many sharks!! You will find most of what you want in a very small space, and still have have time left over to chill on Bitez beach. Don't forget to check out "The Real Fake Shop" - they cater for presents for people you don't really like, to really good quality stuff. I hope this helps

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I can't direct you to a shop in Bodrum but I suggest that you head for the shops in back streets rather than ones around the harbour. You will find tea glasses for sale in the supermarkets and probably a cezve.

I would imagine that the duty-free shop will sell Tekirdağ rakı as it's a well known brand. They sell it in Cesme plus other brands.

Yes, it's possible to buy all sorts of alcohol in supermarkets still, although it's very expensive. :(

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