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Establishing an Association

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My friend Gupsise was talking to me the other day about the possibility of establishing an association. I think it was a wonderful idea so I decided to open a thread for it. Posted Image

The idea of establishing such an association emerged when my friend Gupsise saw many non-Turkish citizens experience all kinds of difficulties and problems during their stay in Turkey. Some of them had an unfortunate marriage, some of them got cheated, and some of them had problems purchasing real estates, etc. The aim of this association is to provide free consultancy services to non-Turkish citizens about issues such as work permit, marriage, real estate purchase, language study, etc.

Gupsise used to work in a law firm so she knows two Turkish attorneys who would like to be part of this association. However, to establish an association, at least seven Turkish citizens are required. I am not a Turkish citizen so I cannot be one of the founders. I can still work as a member.

She and I are looking for more people who have specialized knowledge and experience about living in Turkey and who are willing to offer help.

Right now, this is just an idea. Before we can make the first move, we must take account of many issues such as where to get enough fund, where this association should be located, how it should be organized, etc. We'll investigate more and start to prepare a project. It's going to be a long process and we'll meet many difficulties. But we'll do our best. Posted ImagePosted Image

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I think it's an excellent idea & will provide welcome & much-needed assistance to foreigners who unwittingly fall into the many traps that await those lacking local knowledge & expertise (and sometimes common sense, dare I say) in the areas mentioned above.

I hope some experts in these fields will step forward to offer their services & I wish you luck in setting up your association. :)

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