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Transfer to Kas

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Can anyone recommend a reasonable price company that does transfers from Dalaman I am trying to sort out what is the best option

Hire car - Staying overnight in Dalaman

Are you asking if you should hire a car or stay overnight in Dalaman?

You did not mention when you will be travelling. High season is usually between April and the end of October with extra-high in July and August. Most companies have seasonal pricing and during July and August you may have difficulty making reservations unless you book ahead.

If you are flying into Dalaman and want to get to Kaş, the best answer depends upon how many are in your party, how much you want to spend, how much trouble you are willing to incur, etc. I will do my best to respond to those.

I usually take the Havaş bus from the airport to the Fethiye otogar (bus station), their schedule is listed for 7 days per week; cost per person is 10 TL

In Fethiye you can then take a small air-conditioned bus line called BatıAntalya. Their schedule for the sahil yolu (coastal road) is the link. The cost per person is 17 TL.

IF your arrival in Fethiye allows it, you might be able to board a big bus such as Pamukkale or Kamil Koç coming from Istanbul or İzmir on to Kaş. Pamukkale has 3 buses coming from İzmir daily and Kamil Koç has 2. Both have a daily bus from İstanbul. From Fethiye to Kaş probably costs about 20 TL +/-...

Havaş to the Fethiye otogar (bus station) is not difficult if your flight arrival times coincide with the schedules of the various bus lines. The ticket agents in Fethiye speak or understand enough English to assist you.

I have never rented a car but I have been given several recommendations by Kaş travellers that Andifli provides good service for both transfer from the airport to Kaş and/or renting a car for the duration or for day trips. They have English speaking personnel and tend to answer emails promptly. I contacted them once for some friends who are abroad and they were most accommodating regarding the requests of my friends.

Full disclosure: I have not personally used their services, nor do I have any financial interest in Andifli.

The least hassle is to have a driver meet you outside the airport and take you directly to your hotel in Kaş, it is also the most expensive. According to the Andifli web site, a round trip transfer will cost 134.00 EURO in high-season. If you have several people in your party, they can provide a suitable vehicle and this may be the best, and sometimes, least expensive way to get there.

If you are staying in a hotel or rentina an apartment or house, ask the hotel or rental personnel if they can arrange a transfer. Always ask for a discount unless it is in high season.

Good luck...

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