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Going to the Greek islands visa free?

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I know Sunny found out about a Turk going to Greece for one day when it was announced. I can't remember all the details but it did involve a lot of paperwork, and was very expensive considering it was for just one day, so they didn't bother. I believe if a Turk has a green passport rather than a normal one it's not a problem.

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I believe there was an experiment in the Bodrum area where Turks were allowed to go over to Kos for the day but that has been discontinued and all Turks, except those with green passports, need a visa. Apparently they are offering a simplified visa for the summer, the requirements are listed, in Turkish, in the following link if you click on REZERVASYON KURALLARI at the bottom of the page.


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Mrs. Hobbit contacted two different tourism agencies in Kaş, they both said that a Turkish national can get a tourist visa to visit Meis/Kastellorizo, a Greek island and it would cost 60 Euros, there is also a 15 TL tax to leave the country. Boat trip costs extra. According to the travel agents, some of these people plan to travel from Meis to other places in Greece while they are on holiday so it is not restricted to Meis

An applicant has to submit their passport a "few" days (2 or 3) ahead of time, it is sent to Meis for approval and when it returns the Turkish citizen can then travel to Meis. One travel agent told us that she had just processed some people to visit Meis and according to what was written on the Greek visa stamp, they can stay up to 2 months. I can only imagine that except for the 5 islands listed below, the same is true for any other potential Turkish visitor to Greece.

For those of you poor souls who do not live on the tip of the south coast of Turkey here is a different program:

29 March 2013 - Greece To Launch Visa-Free Program For Turks Again This Year

According to the program, Turkish tourists or other non-EU citizens visiting Turkey that wish to visit the islands of Rodos, Kos, Samos, Chios and Mytilini for less than 15 days can issue visas at the ports of the islands.

According to Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, this visa facilitation program would run April-October 2013.

At the link Sunny provided (thank you), REZERVASYON KURALLARI it states:

**You have to pay the Greek Customs people 50 - 60 Euros, and that a ferry company cannot charge the fee.

(In Kaş the ferry company collects the fee but it is a different visa.)

**For trips of from 1 to 5 days you will need to show 300 Euro and 50 Euro for each additional day (Consulate officials did not give a clear answer about whether a credit card is valid)

**You will need to show a confirmed hotel reservation and a rount trip ferry ticket.

**Persons can stay up to 14 nights and travel to other islands and the mainland.

And for those Turkish people who do business in parts of the EU:

EU lifts visa for Turkish citizens providing service in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark

The new change allows for Turkish citizens providing service to stay for 2 months in Germany, and 3 months in Netherlands and Denmark without holding a visa.

The commission detailed the guidelines on the movement of Turkish nationals crossing the external borders of EU member states in order to provide services within the EU. According to that statement, the visa exemption for Turkish citizens applies only to Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark among the 26 Schengen countries.

Turkish architects, builders, lawyers, computer scientists, commercial agents, scientists and lecturers, artists, fitters and instructors installing or repairing machinery or informing of the use thereof, professional athletes and trainers, truck drivers and others established in Turkey are considered to be employed in jobs that provide services. They must prove their status with written statements at the borders.

Depending upon the circumstances and location, a Turkish citizen would be well advised to contact the Greek authorities ahead of time before attempting to cross the border from Turkey.

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Fil, you missed it, I wrote "According to the travel agents, some of these people plan to travel from Meis to other places in Greece while they are on holiday so it is not restricted to Meis" These people will probably island-hop. There are daily ferries between the Dodecanese islands.

Also those who use the special visa to visit the islands of Rodos, Kos, Samos, Chios and Mytilini for less than 15 days may also travel to the other islands and the mainland.

All of the options listed above are FAR easier for a Turkish person than trying to get a long-term Schengen visa. That can be a major headache and expensive.

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