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Driving A Foreign Car In Turkey.

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I am relocating from T to Spain as a permant adress,but will nontheless spend several months a year in T,preferably on a normal 3 month visa.

Since I have 2 dogs that I woul newer,newer send as hold lugage I will probably drive from Spai to T and back 2 times each year(neither as hard,nor as expensive as it sounds if you have the time and considering the dogs "airfare"!!!) While staying in T I would have to make short trips out of the country.


1. I have heard that T enters a foreigners car into his passport when coming to T. Is this correct?

2. I have heard that it is imposible to leave T withouth the car for even a few day,is this correct?

3. I have heard that it might be posible to put the vihicle in "bonded storage" if you need to be out of T briefly,is this correct and if so,is it a practical option given cost and work(red tape hazzle) involved. Maybe there is somthing abouth putting down a giant deposit(the car would be expensive in T)  ,which it would probably take a lawyer to reclaim.


4. I do own a car in Turkey,can I own a car(its not tax free,but M plate),withouth a recidency permit.


Theese are very important issues for me since I would find it hard to live for extended periods in T withouth a car. If I cannot bring a Spanish car to T I wouls have to park it in Greece for up to of 3 months twice a year and enter withouth it with 2 dogs in tow,which I find downright comical. And by the way turing is useless,rather reminds me of THY costumer service :-) !!!

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I cannot help you personally but there is a lot of information on this subject already on the forum so have a look here:-

http://www.turkeycentral.com/topic/3815-import-a-car-into-turkey/ this thread starts in 2008 and comes right up to date in 2013



and finally all of this http://www.turkeycentral.com/forum/107-customs-importing-and-shipping-items-or-cars-to-turkey/

I do hope that helps, if not please ask for more help as I am sure someone will know Posted Image

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there is a way for legal gaps in custom regulations of Turkish state.


First , Marry (formally) with a EU citizen whose ethnicity is from your neighboring country ( i.e. italians in slovenia a good example holding both italian and slovenian passport)  


2- After three years obtain your italian and slovenian passports and if possible it would be useful to obtain third foreign additional pass along side with the turkish one in order to use legal gaps in turkish law.


3- Exit Turkey with turkish passport and go to Italy take your car and drive your foreign licensed luxury SUV to KAPIKULE Border.


4-Arrange carefully and insidiously your entry to Turkey according to Calender year.


5- Enter Turkey with Italian passport in 01.01.201.. then exit from kapıkule border on 30.06.201.. Then reenter with Slovenian passport which will give legal right to hold your vehicle in Turkey another 6 months.


6- With your turkish passport apply for residence permit whether in italy or in Slovenia then enter to Turkey as abroad-residing citizen of turkey which will eliminate the rule that custom officers allows your current stay according to length of your foreign stay in last year..


We are being milked by our unfair taxation policies of Turkish State and our Freedom is being intentionally restricted...

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I would just for protest... oh our tax-policiy makers and custom offficals.. Alas !



Who'd do that for a car?????Posted Image


I have checked on autoscout24.it  there are some AUDI Q7 in good condition for 15000€ buy 2 Q7 or three even buying three can be less than the price of one Q7 in Turkey !  so if turkish customs dont allow you to enter with the q7 you entered with this italian passport then you buy another second Q7 which will be another vehicle with another's passport to be legally in turkey. I have learnt that you if one car has been in turkey 6 months then exists and again reenters to Turkey this second term is the last one that turkish custom officals wont allow the third opinion of 6-months-in---6--months out..then you need third passport you should be triple citizen beside the turkish one. also you are not obliged to inform turkish authorities about how many citizenship you hold..if you let them knew your citizenships they might resitrict all your foreign passports... 

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Vetvadi, are you serious???  Your plan seems to involve getting multiple citizenships and multiple cars, also marrying a Turk (read using a Turk) Posted Image ............ all for the sake of a bl**dy car ???? Posted Image   I don't know of anyone in their right mind who would follow such a route ! Posted Image


By the way, welcome to the forum......... but you still haven't introduced yourself.   And perhaps post your picture so we can see about you by face ? Posted Image

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