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Cold Wars, Star Wars, Now Cyberwars

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Let the games begin (oops they already have)...Posted Image

Cyberwarfare refers to politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage. It is a form of information warfare sometimes seen as analogous to conventional warfare, and in 2013 was, for the first time, considered a larger threat than Al Qaeda or terrorism, by many U.

S. intelligence officials.

In France, it is reported that the US 'used malware and Facebook' to hack French president's team

"The staff of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy fell victim to a hack attack while he was still in office, and the finger of blame is being pointed at the US...

According to an anonymous source, Uncle Sam wanted to check that France was still on its side. You can be on very good terms with a 'friendly country' and at the same time want to be assured of its unwavering support, particularly during a period of political change, the source told L'Express."

The US embassy has denied the allegations.

Meanwhile back in the USA...

US urged to permit self-defense retaliation on hackers

"China and the United States have constantly clashed over the prevalence of cyberattacks. A recent report issued by the U.

S. Department of Defense laid the blame for widespread cyber espionage campaigns against U.

S. targets squarely at the Chinese government and military's feet, just as security firm Mandiant claimed that China is responsible for an "overwhelming number" of cyberattacks in February.

China denies these claims, and has said that accusations are "groundless."

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Yes, you are on the mark, not much in mine either, however it is the bank hacks that can affect us all. Do a Google for "bank hacking attacks" and see how many recent articles appear. 2 and 3 factor authentication is now the norm for many banks. Before we can log into our Yapi Kredi account we are sent a one-time PIN number to our mobile phone which is the only way we can log in. That is pretty good, it is the "back doors" that system administrators leave open that are the biggest problems.

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Yes, I've noticed the extra layers of security too. Although it's easy enough to log in to online banking with my Aussie bank, I have to get a one-time pin for changing contact details or for transferring money online, and lately even for buying online flights. And to change the mobile number for that, I have to call them & be given the 3rd-degree.

Another bank requires me to use a little gadget in tandem with the internet. First I enter my customer number online & get a random number. Then enter my pin into the gadget, followed by that random number. That then spurts out another random number which I enter online, then I'm finally in. ... Talk about cloak & dagger !!! Posted Image The random numbers are only valid for about a minute, so if I'm delayed I have to start again.

Technology has to work really hard to keep one step ahead of the hackers. Posted Image Gotta be extra careful with our cards & pins these days ! Posted Image

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