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A One-day Trip To Ankara

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This was my first time to visit Ankara. Compared with other cities in Turkey, Ankara, despite the fact it is the capital city, is less well-known for some reason. (At least to me). Many of my friends actually believed Istanbul is the capital of Turkey.

One thing that impressed me about Ankara is that the streets are very neat and clean. The whole city is pretty quiet. I loved the small mansions along the little streets. And the roads are twisted and sloped, which are attractive to me. Unfortunately, I was in Ankara to meet Chinese counselor and ambassador, so my exploration of the city was limited to the embassy area. I don't know if other areas are the same.

Also the whether was nice and cool. The sun was shining brightly, yet I could barely feel the heat. In Adana, gosh, I could get myself burnt in the sun.

Loved the city. Wish I had more time to stay. Maybe next time.

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You are lucky to have gone in the summer, I've only been in the winter when everything was very grey.

Other part of Ankara are much like any other city, with shopping malls and lots of apartment blocks but there are the government buildings which are spread out and have green surroundings.

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Good you are getting out and about Conan. I have only been in Ankara twice and like Sunny it was in winter, we were on business each time so really didn't get to have a look around as much as I wanted as we also had to visit relatives.

I had a surprising experience when I visited the relatives. As we drove out of the city I could see a mass of illegal housing and said look at that who would want to live like that. My husband said our relative and that's where we are going and that I would be surprised when I got there.

Well I was surprised, although it looks a jumble from the road you could actually figure it out much better when you were driving through it. We arrived at a well built one storey building with a flat roof a little garden which had a brick wall around it. I was told that whist it looked like one mass of buildings they were all different communities joined together. When the uncle arrived there with friends, looking for a new future, many many years before, they were surrounded by fields and started building houses for themselves. Since then other families arrived from different areas and started building their houses and so it went on.

The house was very comfortable, having a huge lounge, a kitchen and a couple of large bedrooms, plus an inside bathroom and toilet. I did ask why they didn't move into the city. I was told they did own properties in the city but they had no wish to live in any of them, they were brought to provide an income and would pass to their children when they died. They said they would missed their friends and the community who had built a school, camii and little shops and made the place what it was today.

This place and others around Ankara are going to be pulled down and replaced by parks and apartment tower blocks. Whilst it may look more pleasing to the eye and be seen as progress, what about the lives of these people who lose their communities and end up having to live in an anonymous tower block. I feel very sad for them.

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It was a nice experience even it was just a short stay.

Vic, I heard about Cappadocia like a million times but I didn't know it was near Ankara.

Abi, thank you for sharing the experience. I feel sad for them too. Somehow in the process of what we call "modernization", we have to lose so much tradition. Some groups have to witness their own culture and lifestyles die away, which is heart-breaking. This happens a lot in fast developing countries like Turkey, China, and India. Each day, a unique way of living, a unique cultured are disappearing in the pursue of modern lives.

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