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Guide For Foreign Students

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Today I recieved a message from a member who wants to study in METU and says she cannot find a useful link or information in the forum. Actualy I had an assumption that this subforum included a link to the relevant page of 'ÖSYM'-The Board of Higher Education. I couldn't see any, though I didn't check carefully. Anyway, even if there is link already , the title of my post will draw attention and would help somebody.

I cannot copy and paste anything here, probably I have to know something needed to copy and paste a text or link. So, instead of a link, I will write the key words: If you write 'guide for foreign students' , on the search engine, the site to appear under the words' Türkiye'deki yükseköğretim programları için yurtdışından kabul-ÖSYM' will lead you to the guide in both English and Turkish. The list of the universities accepting students of foreign nationality, as well as acceptance conditions are in the guide.

These guides are updated, so you need to be sure that the guide you read is effective for the year that you plan to study. For Turkish students , a new version of the guide is released annualy, but I don't know what is the case for foreign students.

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Thank you for that Saffron.

Nice to see you on the forum again. I hope you are well and life is good for you?

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Thanks for that Saffron. I have found a link to the ÖSYM site which is updated every year but it is only in turkish. The pages that you found that had an English version were probably the PDF pages dating from 2011, (BROKEN LINK) will download the PDF to your downloads folder.

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Thanks Sunny, oh yes, life is good for me , in this town I live and and at school, which I have almost completed..

By the way, what hapenned to the button which I was able to use to edit my posts? I just want to correct 'past', and make it paste, but no way I can find!

Thanks Çukurbağlı, the link works and I hope those who want to study in Turkey would follow this thread..

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