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Turkish Mythology

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Thanks Aston and Cayaholic for your comments on our dog Asena!

We knew we were on our way here and bringing the new puppy, so wanted a Turkish name, there was nothing more appropriate:FYI: she is named after this myth...... NOT the belly dancer, although she is quite nimble!?:)AsenaIn the mythology of the Turkic and Mongolian peoples, the wolf is a revered animal. The shamanic Turkic peoples even believed they were descendants of wolves. The legend of Asena is an old Turkic myth that tells of how the Turkic people were created. In Northern China a small Turkic village was raided by Chinese soldiers, but one small baby was left behind. An old she-wolf with a sky-blue mane named Asena found the baby and nursed him, then the she-wolf gave birth to half-wolf, half-human cubs, from whom the Turkic people were born. Also in Turkic mythology it is believed that a gray wolf showed the Turks the way out of their legendary homeland Ergenekon, which allowed them to spread and conquer their neighbours.[6][7] In modern Turkey this myth inspired extreme-right nationalist groups known as "Grey Wolves". As with most ancient peoples' beliefs, the wolf was thought to possess spiritual powers, and that parts of its body retained specific powers that could be used by people for various needs.


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She's a lovely dog lin and her name is right for Turkey, although you need to tread carefully sometimes as a lot of girls are called by that name. :) Makes a change from Boncuk. (bonjuk)

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