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Somalia Loves Turkey

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hello turks, i am somalia and expecting to visit ISTANBUL cant wait.

anyway all children born in somalia is named erdogan or istanbul! hehehe.

let me give u little history on somalia, before islam is it was referred punt by the egyptians,then it become part of abyssinian empire as roman world known or arabs/Qoran referred to as habasha,then islam come as king najashi or negus as roman world known let the muslim refugees enter abyssinian land,romans warned abyssinan empire of leting muslims in christain land,but the king was just as merciful to muslims and told live in abyssinia as long they want in peace,when the king passed away most somalis converted islam,the abyssinia empire become the most racist, facist christain empire and decided to comit a genocide againt muslims abyssinian territories, and guess what the mighty,untouchable ottoman turks come to somalia to protect muslims against ethiopia,ethiopian were pushed back into their chriatain territories,it was the most bloody battle that every somali never forgotten,even ethiopians were shocked how poweful turks were,remember ethiopia is the only country in africa never been able to colonise to this day,and they never forgotten themselves.the ethiopians blame somalis for the fall of their empire,they believe if somalis didnt convert to islam,today the horn africa would have been 100% christain,so they teach in their schools that somalis will revert back to christanity and we will have glory christain empire again,now thats what they dream about in our door step,but ever since ottomans fall in 1928,ethiopians started to dive in somalia ,stole land and constanly we somalis have been defending our faith and land since 1928 from facist christain empire called ethiopia.

we want turkey,to come back to somalia,somalia has oil and we shall give the largest share contract inshallah,somalia is your second home remember turkey,you have given us 500 yrs of protection,peace and prosperous ,tolerance of all religion under ottoman time,and we thank u that plus the famine rescue inshallah.

inshallah turkey will join EU,and the reason why EU hadnt accept u last 50 years is to do with turkey been muslim nation,not because turkey is poor,but u have great leader like erdogan who modernise turkey and trust EU will ask to join intead other way around...under erdogan turkey is say "we european,muslim and strong country and we are proud of it" and that is there is ecomomic boom in turkey..god bless tuery from somali. bye

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