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Hi I Have Just Joined

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I have just joined

Origanaly i am from Preston Lanc/c u/k

We have lived here in Marmaris for almost 4 years, on the whole we are happy.

But oh the winter we cant find much to do unless we want to join the Brits drinking in bars everyday.

Our grand daughter loves it here and has lots of friends, she loves the school even though she has to get up so early.

I have 2 little dogs brought from u/k

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Welcome Sandraelissa,

Yes I know what you mean about the winter. I don't think there's any place you can go where it's much different. But Spring is on the way, it already has its foot in the door! Anyway thanks for joining our community, I hope you find yourself at home here. :welcome:

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Hi sandraelissa,Welcome to the forum!

So glad you've joined - I live in Cornwall but was originally from Salford in Lancashire, my partner and I are gradually making the move from England to marmaris.

I say gradually as we have to wait until daughter has done gcses before we head out for good, this year we will be splitting our time between both countries, he's on his way across just now, bringing one of our dogs over for the summer, good to know that yours are ok with the heat, this year we are deliberately leaving one of the dogs in the uk, as she is ten, but you say even your eight year old dog is fine there!

How old is your granddaughter???

Whereabouts in marmaris are you??

Welcome again!:)

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Hi Academlyin

Thank you for the welcome.

My grand daughter who is over here is 15yrs we have been here since she was 11yrs she loves it

also Elissa has settled very well into school she speaks Turkish as if she has lived here all her life.

As for me not much Turkish at all only a few words although i do understand quite a bit This week i got the Rosetta Stone course

as it is supposed to be very good .

We live about 5min walk from the New Fountains in Marmaris

When you come over perhaps it would be good for your daughter to meet up with Elissa

Dont worry about your dogs thet will be fine.

My husband is from Manchester so near to Salford.

Keep in touch Posted Image

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That sounds really good I am flighing back to u/k for a funeral going next friday for 10days so hope to see you all when i get back .

dont know if we can do private messages but if we can i will send you my phone number then you could call me any time after the 9th April

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Yes you can, click on my profile, then click on " send me a message"Haven't got a turkish number to give you yet, but I will have soon, and I'll definitely be in touch!

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Hi and welcome Sandraelissa Posted Image

I will be living in Marmaris as well, moving next week.

Really looking forward to getting to see some sunshine. We have a house in Beldibi, so we are a bit further out but hopefully I will be getting a car as soon as possible.

I was looking into the rosetta stone course as well, please let us know how you get on with it.

I will be bringing my little dog as well, she has just been to the groomer today and has gone from a fluffy marshmallow to something resembling an underfed baby seal, good thing I don`t have any low hanging mirrors lol

welcome again and stay in touch

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A bit late, but welcome from me too. I hope your move to Turkey goes well. My dogs,even the elderly one were quite happy moving here.

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