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Camping Amongst Apple And Peach Trees!

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Last summer,2012, my husband and I, were trekking in Turkey. We followed the turquoise coast, which is totally stunning, and walked the Lycian Way over a well marked mountain path, through small hamlets, untouched by time. Although many people have walked these paths you cannot help feel you are on a great exploration. One day, while on a provision stop in a small town called Kinik, which also is of great interest. Xanthos is situated above the town and dates back to 1,200 B.

C. with history around every corner. We stopped to drink cay (tea to you and me) in a small lokanta, and got talking to the owner, who spoke good English. He saw we were walkers and told us of an English couple who had a fruit farm in the Xanthos valley. He had their contact details, because he had helped them buy some turkey chicks (birds, not women!). At this point in our fantastic journey we were looking for a place to stay for a few nights rest. After a brief phone call, Simon & Michelle came to collect us from the lokanta and took us to their farm. It takes your breath away! It looks over Saklikent Gorge and the white mountains. They had their own tents and we camped amongst apple and peach orchards, which we were free to pick and eat. It was quiet solitude. Paradise! Our alarm clock in the morning was 'Gengis' the cockerel. Fresh eggs from the chickens and turkeys for breakfast were absolutely delicious! We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. Simon & Michelle couldn't do enough to help. We intend to go back this year and I'd recommend it to anyone. either to use as a base, or for a longer stay!

The farm is aptly named 'Eden Lodge'. They don't advertise, but keep busy by word of mouth! If anybody else is interested, then they can be contacted on [email protected] , but don't tell too many people, as I wouldn't want the tranquility spoiled.

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Wheeeeeeeew looks and sounds idyllic makes my longing even greater to be back!

Will remember this and if we decide to head inland to explore, would love to trek and camp there, sounds beautiful!

Sounds like you had a great adventure, how lucky to find yourselves in the right place at the right time, SYNCHRONICITIES, don't you just love them!

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