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Sea Temp In Marmaris In March/ April?

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Thanks for that, i also found a site which said about the same;http://www.mymarmaris.com/When you consider that the temp at the mo is heady summer temperatures in newquay........

I may swim!http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Newquay-Town-Beach/seatempLink to towan beach in my town and consider that i had raging arguments on the phone to teenage daughter at the beach who wanted to go swimming in the sea today because the sun was shining ( still,no wetsuit!!)She promised that she wouldnt go, but came home with a wet bikini which she hid in the laundry basket (!!??) - am i really as green as i am cabbage looking?- this is sea swimming in MARCH in cornwall!!! All the explanations of cold water shock from nine year old son fell upon deaf AND DAFT teeNage ears! She has been grounded for less, but not going THERE again!

Sixteen degrees, veritable bath! Lol!


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Love cold water once I`m in it, as long as the outside temp is nice and warm Posted Image plus there is always the added bonus of burning tons of extra calories because of the cold and I will take any help I can get Posted Image

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Hmmmm, didn't think of it like that ( and I should living next to the Atlantic!!!)Maybe I'll leave the wetsuit, dry suit, survival suit and thermal internal lining at home after all!!!

Anyone want to buy a second hand space sheet?:)

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