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To Be Gay In Turkey

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Recently I watched a wonderful Turkish film in Turkey. What was unusual was the film was centred around the gay society in Turkey. Something that is usually hidden well away. I thought I would look deeper into the homosexual society in Turkey and wrote something up. For those that would like to read..http://maninantalya.blogspot.com/2013/03/homosexuality-is-closet-door-creaking.html

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I was a bit worried when you said in another thread that you would be posting about gays in Turkey. I'm not gay but some people can write fairly offensive things. So I was very relieved to read a well written piece and really enjoyed it, so thank you.

Thanks so much Abi,I am also not gay at all, however it would not be human to not sympathize for anyone who is oppressed.
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A family member (turkish) have recently announced he is gay. I kind of guessed a long time ago but never said anything to anybody except for my hubby. The family are taking it quite well a few arguements but they are getting used to the fact I think that this is how M is and that it cant be changed. Maybe Turks are changing x

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