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Ken Grubb

Bomb Blast In Diyarbakir

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Diyarbakir's a long way from most expat areas (as far east as you can go, on the Iraqi border, for those unfamiliar with it), but I was struck by one of the comments in the article about a bomb blast in a bus there:

In a nationally televised address broadcast from Ankara, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan blamed terrorists for the blast -- which struck a bus -- but offered no evidence.

Ref: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/0...ests/index.html

How about the fact that a bomb went off in a bus in Diyarbakir??? :ontopic[1]:

Anyway, with the recent incursions into PKK strongholds in Iraq, I would think that there would be a greater probability for incidents in tourist areas, since the PKK has said before that tourism money buys the weapons that are used against it, and they've targeted tourist areas in the past.

The Turkish authorities are probably the best we could ask for in handling these investigations, and the mastermind of the last spate of bombings was arrested, as were others. And they stopped. Let's hope and pray we don't have any this season, but in the World today, there isn't anyplace to go to get away from it.

A Turkish travel agent was telling me about her groups coming from Israel. Incredibly, they were concerned about coming to Turkey because of terrorism. She told them that if they were concerned about terrorism, they needed to get up here as quickly as possible!

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