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What Are Our Kids?

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my spawn spent her first 8 years in cali and traveling to turkey every summer. at home my ex spoke turkish and i spoke english with her so (as i mentioned) she grew up fluent in both languages and had

In my book it doesn't matter if someone is black, white, blue or green with orange spots, we are all human beings (with a few exceptions) and should be treated as such. It is behaviour that is importa

Luckily I know many people who wouldn't want to interact with people who do not want their children to interact with mixed other children or immigrant ones.

Posted Images

Can't hear you Vic, did you say something?

OK, guys n gals, I suppose we'd better get back on topic.

What are our kids? One could use a long list of adjectives depending on their behaviour at a given time but whatever, you are always concerned about them, no matter what their ages.

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My grammatical correction was not something minute such as inserting an apostophe or a period. It changed the sentance completley and with that it's meaning. I would think speakers of the Queen's English would appreciate this after all that's where English came from right? (Since this was pointed out to me) What I said was constructive. This is not what Turkey Cental is about? But you can tell me what I should and should not say and how to say it.... Is this what Turkey Central is about? Maybe I am a little blunt but at the end of the day you shouldn't care that much. I'll keep a stiff upper lip from now.

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You may or may not be right but it's not polite to point out other people's perceived grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. When people are typing often mistakes are made and we'd spend all our time going around with a red pen altering them all. Can we call a truce and just carry on with the discussion please?

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I know many people who do not want their children to interact with mixed other children or immigrant ones. And this is why being a mixed or immigrant is bad

Turko I despair , you are incorrigible Posted Image .

Americans have more traditional grammar rules than Brittish since we have been under less influence of changes that were made due to the Brittish industrial revolution. One's not better than the other, mind you. It's more about education and class than it is geographical location. Posted Image

TT you have stated some very odd things in this thread but this one takes the biscuit !Posted Image (Idiomatic UK replace biscuit with cookie)

Education and class is something I have in buckets (pronounced bouquets) Posted Image and as for geographical location, I live on the doorstep of where the Industrial revolution began in 1760 quite a few years before the Declaration of Independence Posted Image

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How does my knowledge of the history of the English language make what I say, "odd?" I don't know how we even got on this topic, as my grammar is about as tight as one's can get... I wasn't aware that we were being graded on mechanics in this forum. Posted Image

It seems to me that some people are more bent on being argumentative and finding fault with a well-meaning conversationalist than actually learning from each other. Posted Image

I think we've reached a natural close to the topic, anyhow. What I learned is, "Box? Bad!" It's been enlightening. Posted Image

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Recent DNA research in Anatolia has revealed that only 15% of the population has origins in Central Asia, 15% from the Balkans (and of those a good amount of them were Karamanoğulularıw who were there in the 15th century) , and the rest are "Anatolian". A friend of my daughter in the US took the National Geographic test and came out 100% Kurdish.


Mixed children do not experience an identitiy crisis. I am a mixed person, so is my husband, our daughter is even more mixed and she is lovely and proud of her ancestral heritage. She speaks Turkish and English fluently. We read to her every night before bed, one night English and one night Turkish, for 11 years.

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