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Health Care Advice Please...

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Hello. I'm new to the forum, and after some advice please..

My Mother is 67 & planning to retire to Alanya , but she has had some Health issues recently.

She had been staying in Alanya under a Visa until summer of last year when she had health problems, when she had to return to the UK.

She loves it in Turkey and can't wait to get back now she is better.

She has been quoted for Private Insurance, but they have excluded her Health conditions, and I'm worried about what might happen, if they were to re-occur whilst she is abroad.

I've seen horror stories about Healthcare costs if she is forced to pay out of her own pocket, and we are not a wealthy family, especially if she were to be hospitalised from one of her conditions.

Am I right in thinking, that if she were to gain a Residents Permit, she would be able to join the SGK and get cover that way?any help greatly appreciated, as from the forums I've read it gets very confussing, and I want her to be as protected as possible...

Many thanks!!

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They may cover her but it's not guaranteed as in some areas they insist on a medical and the rules state that they don't include pre-existing conditions. That said, I've not heard of anyone being turned down and I know of people who have been treated for pre-existing conditions..

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I am interested in this topic . I have a residency permit for another two years. I don't have Health Insurance coverage as at the time when I got my permit it wasn't required.

Can anybody advise me what Health Insurance provider to sign up with ? I will need it on residency permit renewal. Abbreviations don't mean much.

I assume most of the expats sign up with the State Insurance ( SGK ? )

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Here is the latest list of pre existing conditions NOT covered by SGK as of 2015 .

The list is in Turkish & English...................


*List of pre existing conditions NOT covered by SGK,but are covered if they develop after joining.*

Tüberküloz tuberculosis
Ruam ve Melioidoz this is a throat infection that can spread from erson to person and cause lung trouble as wll..known aswhitmores disease
Merkezi sinir sisteminin viral enfeksiyonları viral infections of the central nervous system

Viral Menenjit viral meningitis
Deri ve Müköz Membran Lezyonları ile
skin and mucous membrane Karakterize Viral İnfeksiyonlar lesions characteristic of viral infections

Kronik Viral Hepatitler chronic hepatitis

İnsan İmmüm Yetmezlik Virusu (HIV) Hastalığı
diseases compromising the immune system HİV/AİDS

Dudak, Ağız Boşluğu ve Farinksil Malign cancer of lip mouth pharynx

Sindirim Organları Malıgn Neoplazmları
cancer of the digestive system


Solunum Organları ve İntratorasik Organların
cancer of respiratory organs
Malıgn Neoplazmları cancer


Bronş ve Akciğerlerde Malıgn Neoplazm bronchus and lungs cancer
Kalp, Mediasten ve Plevrada Malıgn Neoplazm heart thoracic cavity +pleura cancer


Kemik ve Eklem Kıkırdağının Malıgn
Neoplazmları Kafa ve Yüz Kemikleri
cancer of bone joints or cartilage

Derinin Malıgn Neoplazmları skin cancer


Pelvis Bağ ve Yumuşak Dokusu Malign Neoplazmı bowel and related parts cancer

Memenin Malıgn Neoplazmı breast cancer

Kadın Genital Organlarının Malıgn Neoplazmları female genitalia cancer

Erkek Genital Organlarının Malıgn Neoplazmları male genitalia cancer
Üriner Sistemin Malıgn Neoplazmları
urinary tract cancer


Göz ve Eklerinde Malıgn Neoplazm eyes and attachments cancer

Beyinde Malıgn Neoplazm brain cancer

Omurilik, Kranial Sinirler ve Merkezi Sinir Sisteminin Diğer Kısımlarında Malıgn Neoplazm cancer of spinal cord central nervous system and other different associated parts

Troid ve Diğer İç Salgı Bezlerinin Malıgn Neoplazmları cancer of thyroid and other connected parts
Lenf Bezlerinin İkincil (Sekonder) ve Tanımlanmamış Malıgn Neoplazmları
any cancer of the lymph system or similar diseases first or secondary to
Hodgkin Hastalığı hodgkins disease
Foliküler [Nodüler] Non-Hodgkin Lenfoma
foliculer non hodgkins lymphoma

Yaygın Non-Hodgkin Lenfoma widespread non Hodgkins lymphoma

Multiple Miyelom ve Malıgn Plazma Hücresi Neoplazmları multiple myeoloma cellular cancer

Lenfoid Lösemi lymphoid leukaemia
Miyeloid Lösemi myoloid leukaemia
Hücre Tipi Tanımlanmış Diğer Lösemiler
recognised types of different celluler leukaemia
Hemolitik Anemiler haemolytic anaemia

Aplastik ve Diğer Anemiler aplastic and other anaemias
Pıhtılaşma Bozuklukları, Purpura ve Diğer Hemorajik Durumlar haemorhagic diseases
thrombocytopenic purpura and other diseases that affect blood clotting

Kronik Konjestif Splenomegali diseases of the spleen
Antikor Kusurlarının Baskın Olduğu İmmün Yetmezlik immune deficiency disease

Endokrin, Nütrisyonel ve Metabolik Hastalıklar
endocrine nutritional metabolic disorders this could men diabetes depending on how controlled or the type

Şizofreni, Şizotipal ve Sanrılı Bozukluklar
psychiatric disorders


Erişkinde Kişilik ve Davranış Bozuklukları
adults with behaviour disorders

Zeka Geriliği this means backwardness

Bakteriyel Menenjit , Başka Yerde Sınıflanmamış disorders that have resulted from bacterial menigitis

Sinir Sisteminin Diğer Dejeneratif Hastalıkları
degenerative diseases of the central nervous system

Merkezi Sinir Sisteminin Demiyelinizan Hastalıklar central nervous system disorders ie demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis

Epizodik ve Paroksismal Bozukluklar
episodic and paroxysmal disorders

Fasyal Sinir Bozuklukları
facial nerve disorders

Kas-Sinir Kavşağı ve Kas Hastalıkları
muscle nerve diseases ..probably take in neuropathy and similar diseases


Serebral Palsi cerebral palsy

Hemipleji Haemoplegia

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I don't know which one would be "recommended," but I know of three insurance providers which have packages specifically for foreigners in Turkey who need coverage for a residence permit:

  • Allianz
  • Ankara Sigorta
  • Groupama

There are probably more, but these are the three I have heard of.

SGK stands for Sosyal Güvenlik Institution. They have offices in basically every city and town of any size. You should probably have a look at the private policies and the SGK policy... I have also heard that with SGK, once you sign up, you can't just pull out of it when you want unless you leave the country. Someone correct me if that's wrong.

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Ken can you help me with this topic? Can i get SGK with my 5 years residence Visa , I am moving for good to Turkey i am 66 years old and my wife is 47? My origin by my mother is Turkish but have some proof that the Turkish Embassy found about my family ,My Grand patrents are Turkish my ant had a Turkish Passport she passed away many years ago so do my mother , But my first cousins shows at the Nufus papers ,So after 7 months dealing with all kind of papers from Home Land security of the USA i collected some info , So the Turkish Embassy in Los Angeles decided to give me a Residence Visa for 5 years and after that i can get a Turkish passport ,and they told me once you move to Antalya you can contact Ankara and try you might get the citizenship .

Or you will have to wait for 5 years with a residence visa that gives you and your wife a permit to work,But i am disabled and will not be working ,But maybe my wife will so she can built some credits for the future,My main concern is getting a health insurance for me and her . I am planning on visiting this September or early October Antalya ,Fathiye and Cesme maybe Alanya too and have an idea where to live. I did a big move in 2008 that cost me a lots of money ,I moved to Lebanon and had a medical insurance paid $3750.00 per year to find out that it covers nothing ,So after Two years i moved to the Red Sea (Hurghada) in Egypt where medical was very cheap but no quality and dangerous to live there , So after a little over a year I moved back to Los Angeles where it was my home town for about 45 years and after one year i moved to Las Vegas,Nevada and it has been Two years since we moved up here and reeky hate it and trying to make a big move again and thought Turkey by the Mediterranean will be the best choice,But preferable in a less humidity place since i suffer form Arthritis . Please my main thing is the Medical if you can give me as much info as you could , I really depend on you since you look like you know a lot , As i read many of your answers .

Best regards


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If I may clarify... is your question:


"Can I get  SGK (the Turkish national health insurance plan) coverage if I am over 65?"


From what I am reading, I am assuming that you know that SGK insurance isn't required for people over 65, but you want to know if you can join the plan anyway. Is that correct?

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Yes I would like to know if i can get it sorry i am 66 years old and my wife is 47 . I need to know if we both can get it with our 5 years residence visa , And approximate price . Here in Las Vegas i pay for Medicare $104.00/Month and for my wife i pay $118.00/Month and for her dental $18.00 / month but i can't get dental for me. Mine has some deductibles and hers is the Obama care it is a real crapy insurance but just incase for God bid she needs a Hospital .

I can't make a move without being insured and my main thing is the Insurance , If i can get it i will leave cause no life here for retired people , I have been living in the USA since 1969 and kind of getting bored . So I am ready for this move cause i was born at the sea at the Mediterranean and love it , I feel real healthy when i am looking at the water . Hope i can get some answers .

PS one thing i got twice alerts to my email and looks like i missed this one or did not get an alert .

I will check my preferences .   

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Thank you very much ? Are you retired in Turkey or working and sounds like you are from the USA or other country? Just wondering not trying to stick my noise where I do not have to , but hope to meet some members when I move to Turkey .

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Kalkan Turkish Local News:

Is there an age limit for foreigners wishing to apply?

Who is eligible?
Foreign residents with an ikamet (residence permit), who have been resident in Turkey for at least 12 months.


You asked very similar questions in other posts. For example:



Please try to keep all your health- related quesions in one place, it makes it easier for you to follow and for forum members to answer.

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