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British Citizen To Marry Turkish Man In Mersin Turkey

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Hello there, please could some one advise me on the following. I am going to Mersin, Turkey on the 29th March and i will marry my Turkish fiance on the 5th April. I am somewhat confused about the documentation required.

I have . . .birth certificatepassportcertificate no impedimentMy fiance has spoken to a marriage officer in mersin and he said i will need to get the turkish consulate in England to certify/seal a photocopy of my passport and the british consulate in london will have to do this too.

I am not aware of this??? I have read i need to take my birth certificate, passport and cert. no impediment to mersin and we must go to the consulate and they will translate and certify/seal we can get married.

Or is this incorrect? is this because of the short time scale we have? i thought the consulate in turkey issue this on the same day. please advise if you can. maybe the procedure has changed. :-(

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The marriage officer is talking out of the top of his head. first of all there is no such thing as a British consulate in the UK. Consulates are only found in foreign countries.

You are correct there has been no change you take your documents to the British Embassy/Consulate in Turkey

Here are the instructions from the British Embassy website http://ukinturkey.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-turkey/marrying-in-turkey The first part is applicable to you.

However there is no British consulate in Mersin. http://ukinturkey.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/other-locations/

The British Embassy site clearly states they only translate and verify your documents in Ankara, Istanbul, Izimir and Antalya. The British Consular office translate your documents and verify on the same day.

Once the British consular office have translated your documents they must be taken to the Governors office in Mersin who will certify the documents for free, once the Apostille is complete by the Governors office ( this usually does not take long, you sit and wait) your documents are now ready to be handed to the marriage office.

Hope this clarifies everything for you Posted Image

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Thank you for your reply, i phoned the turkish consulate in london who advised me i only need my birth certficate, passport, certificate of no impediment. he said he has never heard of anyone getting the passport verified in england before they go to turky for marriage. But to be honest he wasn't very helpful, so i am still unsure. i will call again maye i can get through to someone who can help. I'll try and phone the british consulate in adana, because i read somewhere you need to wait 21days in turkey for your notice of marriage.

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Dahlia you do not need to wait 21 days as you already have your Certificate of No Impediment.. The best place to ring is the British Vice Consulate in Antalya they are very helpful. The list of documents you require are on the link to the British Embassy website.

The best people to help you are the British Embassy. Good luck Posted Image

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Ahh thank you for all your help, i didn't get a chance to phone the British Embassy in turkey today so i will have to phone on monday. Thank you for all you help. We will probably have to go the British Embassy in Ankara as it is closest to Mersin. Me and my fiance are just worried that the Embassy wont translate and verify the documents on the same day and we will have to come back. Also seeing as i am coming to Mersin on the Friday 29th March we will have to wait to go to the embassy in adana on Tuesday 2nd April as the 1st is a holiday. This is cutting it close to our wedding date 5th april. maybe we can push our wedding date back to the 6th or 7th april. its just not ideal as i will have to leave Turkey on the 9th April to return to work. and obviosuly we wanted to spend some quality time together as a married couple.

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My goodness you are cutting it fine only one week in Turkey to do the running around and marry, don't forget you may have to have blood tests done before the wedding. The British embassy consular section translate and certify these documents all the time and it does not take long. Its just a long tiring journey to Ankara and back..

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I never had to go to the consulate to get my documents translated, we just got our friend who is a translator to translate them and stamp them here in Side, then went to a noter in Manavgat and got them noterised! We did have to have blood tests, but this was all done in Manavgat and Side within a couple of days xx

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My goodness you are cutting it fine only one week in Turkey to do the running around and marry, don't forget you may have to have blood tests done before the wedding. The British embassy consular section translate and certify these documents all the time and it does not take long. Its just a long tiring journey to Ankara and back..

Thank you, yes i am getting stressed out, due to the short time scale. we will get married ont he 5th April and i will have to come back to the UK on the 11th april. The reason for this is i would like to save some of my holiday days from my employer for when my husband comes to england, to take a week or twp off for him to settle in.

Our plans have somewhat changed. My fiance has to wait for his KET English certificate, he has been told it will come in May, so we dont want to submit the visa application and book an appointment just in case it does not arrive within that time. Does anyone know why the certificate takes so long to be issued? Is it because they are printied inthe UK then sent to Turkey then distributed inidviudally to the test centres? Seems very long winded, when i could just go to Cambridge myself and collect it on his behalf.as we will make the visa application in May i am concenred now, we are going to submit the application in my maiden surname as i will not have time to change all my documents upon my return on the 11th april. i can not register my marriage in England with The General Register asthey want me to send my original marriage certificate which they can hold it for over one month. I will need the original for the visa application. Or can someone in Turkey certify a copy for us for the visa application, i can not find anywhere if this is accepted, that way i can bring the original back to the UK with me.

Is it best to keep everything in my maiden name to avoid confusion. I can easily change my bank name and my work pay slips, but will this just cause confusion? Or should i just concentrate on changing my name after the visa process i suppose?

Thank you. x

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My husband got his spouse visa in September I submitted all documents in my maiden name we got married in the may before. We put our application in in July and I was flying to turkey in August so couldn't change my passport as I needed it and had already bought flights. Plus bank statements Etc going back 6 months were all in maiden name. I don't think it matters they will see your maiden name on the marriage book anyway.

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I'm sure you are being wise to delay it for a while as it will be less stressful.

I'm sure I read somewhere that the reason the result take so long is that the exams papers are sent to the UK and then the certificate is sent back to Turkey.

As you were talking about registering you marriage in the UK thought I would you better read this. Having read it you may decided not to bother as they can't register your marriage. They just retain your certificate for safe keeping. I know many people haven't done this, including myself, as I preferred to keep the original document to hand as they say in the link below. Please note your original certificate will not be returned and once documents are deposited they cannot be released

Depositing marriage and civil partnership documents in the UK

You are unable to register an overseas marriage/civil partnership in the UK. As a general rule, as long as your marriage/civil partnership is valid and legal in the country in which it took place, it is likely to be recognised in the UK. If you are in doubt as to the legality of your marriage/civil partnership, please consult a solicitor.

You can deposit your marriage/civil partnership certificate with the General Register Office (GRO) for safe-keeping. If you are in the UK, we can do this for you. If you live overseas you can apply for this service through your nearest British Embassy or Consulate......


Good luck Posted Image

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we will have to wait to submit our visa application, untill the certificate comes. I phoned the Cambridge school in England who issues the certificates who said i could not collect the certificate my self even if my husband gives me permission. So we will have to wait for them to be sent to his Exam centre in Mersin. All the delays, are really frustating.

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I'm happy to say we have booked our appointment at the visa application centre in Ankara for the 24th June, i will fly to Ankara on the 21st June to give my husband all the documents, i was wondering if i could go into the centre with my husband, i have read on worldbridge no one can go in only those with appointments, but i was thinking i'm a British citizen surely they will let me accompany my husband. It's just i've read stories of people saying their husbands have been mistreated by staff at the centres I have experienced this first hand when me and partner when to the consulate in Ankara before we got married, when my partner spoke in Turkish to the security staff they did not let us in, I had to telephone the consulate and demand they let us in as i am a britiosh citizen, the woman was very friendly but the security seem to be very defensive to turkish nationals maybe that's just a one off and i hope this does not actually happen. So i'm hoping i'll be able to go in the centre with him, i've also read staff telling applicants they have submitted to many documents and they return them to them, surely the staff cant determine what is important to your applications as everyone's is different.

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If they say only the applicant can go into the centre it's probably because it would be too crowded, as they tend to be busy places. You could always ask when you get there if they will let you in. It would be difficult to say anything about the 'too many documents' being refused without knowing what type of documents they were.

Hope it all goes well for you on the 24th and hope you keep us updated. :)

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Thank you Abi, yes even though they tell you can go in, i think this is deter crowds gathering inside, hopefully they will let me in with him, honestly i just want to be there to support him and ensure everything is submitted correctly, as you are aware a settlements visa is expensive. Fingers crossed and of course i will keep everyone updated. x

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I have some good news! We received the following email today 


"Please note that your application has been completed and your passport will be sent to Visa Application Centre today. Please use the tracking facility on www.visainfoservices.com to check when it is available for collection."


We are so happy but we have tried to track the application at it stills says 'Arrived at the Visa Section', so does the email mean they will send his passport and documents back to the Visa Centre in Ankara where we made our application? Does anyone know how long that takes? Also when we made the application my husband asked about having the documents/passport returned by courier and that once a decision was made they would call him. Is this not correct. I can’t say how happy I am. The email does definitely mean he has been approved a visa?

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Yes, as stated they will return all documents back to Ankara and then the courier will pick them up.  It usually takes 2 or 3 days, but can take longer as it depends and where your husband is living.  If he paid for the courier service they should send him a text message.


You won't know until you receive your documents back as to whether he was granted the visa or not, so it is really a nail biting time for you right now.


Vetvatic, there is no reason to post a photo as it wouldn't prove anything Posted Image It would, however be a good idea if you posted in the Meet and Greet section and introduced yourself :)

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They won't tell you if it has been declined (well that my experience) unless you went through a solicitor they would tell you the result.


It would be a matter of waiting to see if there is a visa printed in his passport. The same happened to my partner who applied for a visitor visa for 6 months. Just have to wait I'm affraid.

Good luck

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