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Possible To Marry A Religious Turkish Women Being A Foreigner Muslim? (Would Appreciate Response From Turkish Women Only Please, Thank You)

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@TaterTot - Thanks for all your best wishes, I think they are actually working :)@Lin - You are right, planning for something this calculatively really takes the fun out of it. This I suppose is one of my biggest problems. But you are right, its useless sitting at NASA and planning for a base in moon :P The initiative has to be taken. Btw, loved your analogy of London Underground rail system, if it is so, seems to me your life could be quite an exciting autobiography :) And actually I am doing exactly what TaterTot mentioned above, that is preparing myself for the step. It's not easy leaving behind all the responsibilities and flying off to another country for half a year. But dear Lin, I'll keep your words in mind, and let go of my rulebook once I step out there, I promise :) Thanks for the [email protected]@TaterTot - You are right on point, there really are different "brands" of muslim, which has become my biggest problem, because I fall right in between the two :P I would call myself a moderate Muslim, I try to be good, try to pray 5 times a day but miss sometimes :S I don't drink, but I also don't think women should be confined to four walls of the houses and cover up there faces with black burkhas. In short, I am like Turkey, where the West and the East meets :P which obviously justifies my inclination towards the country. Priorities are different for everyone in this world, and just like Lin's Underground rail system, after experiencing quite a couple of relationships I have finally been able to paint a picture of the Ms. Right. TaterTot is also very true in this respect, because its not like I didn't date a couple of Turkish girls during this last trip of mine, they were great, cheerful, fun, outgoing, educated, and frankly speaking a little too westernized for me, if only I was a little more modern, life would've been much easier :P But, what can I do, I am who I am, and being me, I tend to incline more towards women with headscarves and that certain shyness which nowadays is even rare among Bangladeshi women. Please don't misunderstand me, as I am in no way setting a stereotypical standard for women, I'm a very easy going free person, but in short, most of the Turkish girls I dated seemed like the sweetest people in the world, but being a moderate muslim, my fondness towards a certain kind of dressup sense and family-values by practicing muslim women in Turkey prevented me from proceeding any further with many of them. Its not like there are very few of these women with headscarves, but its more difficult to initiate any contact with them being an outsider and not part of the system, since these wonderful people are much more conservative relative to other open-minded and wonderful Turkish citizens. Well, I'm not complaining, because never in my life have I failed a mission, the only problem is, this isn't a mission :P But, I believe one with patience, persistence, perseverance and last but not the least, a good heart (or so I believe) is unstoppable. And, as I mentioned earlier to TaterTot, her prayer seems to be working a little since I have already struck up an acquaintance with a wonderful lady of promising character from Istanbul. Its not much they ask for anyways, all I'll need are the wits of Sherlock Holmes, charms of Johnny Depp, style of Al Pacino, and an image like Donald Trump's, and I'll be all good to go ;P I'll go on and off this thread once in a while, but do not be deceived in thinking I'm dead, because upon my visit to Istanbul I shall rise again with questions as many as the Persian arrows that blocked the Spartan sun :P And once again, you guys rock! :)

I don't think that we can help with any more advice as we are now going over the same things that we covered early on in this thread.

I hope you find the girl of your dreams rg. Good luck.

True Sunny, I do believe I've received all the advice possible and they seem to have set me on the the right track for now, thanks to you guys :) Hoping to disturb you again from Istanbul :P Cheers

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#Random Guy:-

well seems you are very much desperate........ Just read ur first few comments.......

wish u were a canadian citizen, in addition to being a bengali......

i wish good for you.

You are taking care of some business..... and u still get so much time to write essays.........
dont take it in sarcastic terms......... 
you will get the women u deserve..... take care and keep writing........... 

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