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Possible Water Scam?

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Our water consumption can be anything between 15 and 40 TL, so it came as a shock recently when our bill for December was 424.75 lira. The meter reader for our village left a message with the bill, to say we might have a leak somewhere, and also that he may be able to "help out". We called him to see what he meant by helping out -- apparently to do with the bill, not the leak. He came to our house & explained he had not yet entered the bill onto the computer, but could issue another bill for a small amount (like 15 or 20 lira), and wind back the meter, and his fee was 200 lira. I asked him directly if this was illegal, to which he replied "sort of" ! He went on to say he'd been in the job 6 years, and this sort of thing had happened before, especially to summer residents who returned to find bills of 5000 & more, and he had done this service for them & never had any trouble. Our eyes opened wide !!!!!

We found the leak (a dripping garden tap) and closed it off. The man returned days later to check if we wanted to take up his offer, but we declined (bill already paid). I suppose we were relatively lucky the bill wan't higher, but we learned a valuable lesson. I believe the water authorities are always trying to track illegal water usage, and one wonders if some of those summer residents had their water leakages done deliberately while they were absent (?). ........ could be a scam ?

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I was Posted Image when I read your post about winding the meter back. One of my neighbors had a leaking outside tap and her bill was about 250TL but I know that wasn't a scam because the neighbours knew it was dripping slightly before they went back to Izmir but didn't attend to it before they went. It was only when the bill came in that it was seen to.

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