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Hello, I'm Houda, a new member in here..

I would like to get some info about studies in Turkey.

I am a Moroccan student in Ukraine, in 4th course now & am wishing to continue my studies in Turkey next year.

I contacted some universities, so some of them told me that it may be possible depending on the some requirements (equivalence-related I guess), not more.

I would like to know more about how I can do that (are there any Turkish people in here?)

Also, I'm planning on studying in Turkish, that means that I'll have to study a year of Turkish before continuing my studies right?

&.. If someone could refer me to previous medicine programs to know how much are they different from Ukraine's.

I guess that's about it (for now Posted Image).

Thanks for reading me!

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Houda welcome to our forum, my first question is why would you study medicine in Ukraine ? Apart from the fact its much cheaper to study there than other countries.

Ukraine’s health service is under-resourced and decidedly primitive by Western European standards, items such as disposable syringes are in short supply.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE , Nigeria and Iran do not accept Ukrainian medical diplomas never mind equivalence in Europe or USA, this is because Ukrainian universities including medical schools often suffer from corruption.

Studying medicine in Turkey in my opinion is a much better option but you will need to be fluent in Turkish which is not an easy thing to do and could take longer than one year. Maybe you should study medicine in English with Turkish language instruction.

I believe Marmara, Koç and Istanbul are some Universities that offer studies in English all other Turkish medical schools , such as Ankara university teach in Turkish.

There are other members who are far more knowledgeable than me regarding Turkish universities, hopefully they will be along soon .

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Hi everyone im moroccan too, studiying electromechanics ingineering in Russia, 3th year and im planing to get married and continue my studies in METU, as i can study there in english. i was told that the admission is very difficult but i want to give it a try. i don't know exactly if i can do a transfer from Russia to Ankara for that. they say nothing about it in their website.

So does anyone here have an idea ?? Do i need a Toefl exam and a Sat exam exam for the transfer ??

Im planing to go to Ankara on june for the application and for my wedding also hihiihihi XD so please please help me.

thank you in advance

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