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Getting A Property Valued.

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Hello,Does anyone have any info on who to see to get a property valued please. I bought my flat 3 years ago and had it valued at the time by the bank. So the person valuing the property came knowing how much we were paying and how much our mortgage was and said "What you’re paying is what it's worth."I would like an independent opinion from someone that does not know what i paid for my flat. Oh and I live in Istanbul.

Any ideas?

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that is unbelieveable - the surveyors from the bank are INDEPENDENT people and value the property accordingly. I am an estate agent myself in Antalya and we have had foreigners who have taken out a mortagage from the bank but the bank surveyor was NOT influenced by this fact at all.

We always deal with Yapi Kredi Bankasi here in Antalya - they are fair and honest to all parties concerned. Before Yapi Kredi we tried to work with other banks as well but found them unwilling to give a mortage, unwiling to look at the foreigners' paperwork or downright arrogant.

You could have your property valued by a few other estate agents to get a rough idea of what your property is really worth - I think that's about the open option left to you personally.

JadeAnatolian Rose Homes

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Thanks for the answers Abi and Jade.


i have not got my blue book sorted yet. I was only in Turkey for a short time and had to go back to work. When i arrive back in Turkey on the 17th of January i will book an appointment time at the police office and get it sorted. It's a case of re filling out your paperwork and re submitting it.


Thanks again for the reply! Out with the above valuation issue my dealings with the bank were really good. I can imagine that there are some real horror stories out there, but we were really lucky. We got our mortgage through HSBC and the man and woman that we dealt with could not have helped more. They really did go over and above to get us our mortgage.

Although they have both moved on to other branches in other cities my wife still keeps in touch, i could explain all that they done but it would take a while. For a cynical me, to be gushing about bank staff is unheard off, believe me!

Just another quick question Jade if you don't mind. I

n your experience in Turkey, is it possible for me to have a valuation done on my property, (hopefully ) find out that it's now worth say 100,000 tl more than i paid for it, and use this equity to buy another property in Turkey?

The mortgage system seems to be a lot different to the U.

K system and i don't fully understand it. For instance in the U.

K people tend to pay off their property over a long period of time. I was given just 6 years with my Turkish mortgage. And i believe that i can't move house until the mortgage is paid off.


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hi there,can't help you out there I'm afraid. Up until today all our clients have taken out a mortgage for 6, 7 or 8 years. Not sure if you can resell during the time you're paying off a mortgage. We haven't had that kind of situation up until today with our clients.

Do you wish to sell your property this year?


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