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Eskişehir is not my hometown but I lived in Eskişehir for past 4 years and I know pretty much everything about the city. I'm actually surprised nobody started Eskişehir topic so I decided to start my own.

Eskişehir is a city in the northwestern part of Central Anatolia. The city is 233 km to the west of Ankara, 330 km to the southeast of Istanbul. The city is home to 500.000 people and two of Turkey's biggest universities Anadolu Üniversitesi and Osmangazi Üniversitesi therefore the city is widely known as student's city.

The Porsuk River divides the city in two. The river is so cute and picturesque. http://imgur.com/DOoi2

Locals spend a lot of time walking around the river (Adalar) and fill the dozens of cafes nearby.

There are also boats to do small tour along the river and there are couple of venetian style gondollas. Be careful with those gondollas because when we get bored epic fail videos on youtube we watch how people fail to embark and fall in the cold water of Porsuk and yup, we got lot of time to waste.

Just north of Adalar there is a pedestrianized street called Doktorlar Caddesi (officially İsmet İnönü Caddesi) with a tram line in the middle is one of the youth life in Eskişehir.http://imgur.com/8OFOh

The natural extension of Doktorlar Caddesi towards northwest past a brigde over the rail tracks and Espark shopping mall, Üniversite Caddesi which leads to the Yunus Emre campus of Anadolu Üniversitesi. Most of the students reside in this neighborhood called Eskibağlar and Yenibağlar. If it's snowing outside you bet you will find yourselves in the middle of the snowball fight in this area. This is what I'm talking about


And finally from the southeast of Adalar there is another street called Hamamyolu. Another pedestrianized street with a large leafy stip in the middle. This is the old city centre where locals and families rather to hang out and go shopping. Hamamyolu street leads to Odunpazarı, the Ottoman District.http://imgur.com/HQU1p

The houses in Odunpazarı District are good examples of the civil architecture of the 19th century. Some of these houses has been restored and converted into museums like museum of cartoon arts. It's a small museum dedicated to comics. The exhibits changes every month but there is a permanent exhibition too. The entrance is free.

Museum of Republic History (Cumhuriyet Tarihi Müzesi), is dedicated to the Republic era of Turkey. It focuses on the creation of the modern Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the major role of Ataturk for making Turkey and independent country. Ataturk’s personal items like clothes, knives, coffee cups may be interesting some people. No entrance fee for this one too.

Modern Glass Art Museum (Çağdaş Cam Sanatları Müzesi) is a small but nice Contemporary Glass Art Museum. It looks so attractive after the restoration. It also has a beautiful central yard. The exhibits are from locals and international artists and this is the first contemporary glass museum in Turkey.
http://imgur.com/9f347 http://imgur.com/UAL6q

Atlihan and Meerschaum,Atlihan was once an Ottoman Inn (back in the middle of 19th century) with the typical inner yard then it was converted into a bazaar with couple of shops. Eskişehir is famous for the meerschaum (luletasi in Turkish).

Meerschaum (Luletasi in Turkish) is a soft white stone that is taken from specific regions in Turkey (near Black Sea, but there some in Greece too) and can be easily carved into many forms, that’s why you can see it here in so different shapes, from jewelry (earring, necklaces etc) but the most popular things the tobacco pipes made by meerschaum.

Many stores sell local crafts, wooden ones, glass ones but mainly from meerschaum.
http://imgur.com/njRRy http://imgur.com/Va4MG

I think that will be all for today. Actually i am planning to speak of Eskişehir's nightlife which is another key element that makes Eskişehir centre of attraction.

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I've only passed through Eskişehir once (a long time ago) and would love to visit again. I've heard wonderful things, like how it's been transformed to a very modern city. Here is some more about it : http://tatil.milliyet.com.tr/eskisehir-in-yepyeni-yuzu-/tatilkampanyasi/altgalerihaber/15.10.2012/1612158/default.htm?

ZoneID=15 :)

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My hubby to be is from Eskişehir (Well a small town just outside) and his family have all moved there. He is one of 6 boys! It's beautiful and I fell in love with it the day I arrived. We hope to move there one day too :) need to brush up on my Turkish first! It's beautiful in the summer and in the winter especially when it snows!

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I could go on for hours but people ask me what's it like and I say imagine the twining streets with cafés of Paris and the canals and trams of Amsterdam mixed in with the beautiful traditional culture of his and hers baths, men's clubs, beautiful mosques, shopping markets, kids playing in the parks (where they should be) and the lady's gossiping on the corner!

Just love it ! Meant to say Turkish culture And obviously the best football team in Turkey ESES (Eskisehirspor)

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I must say i also loved Eskisehir.  I spent some time there in 1994-1995 while in the United States Air Force.  I believe i may still have some video of my visit.  I remember the friendliness of the people. And if my memory serves me correct i meet many college students there also, all wanting to practice their english.  Also had a lot of fun nights at a Club called  "Club Nostalji"

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I  am really  thrilled about  learning about  the  city of  Eskisehir. I live in Mississippi USA, and  I have lot of Facebook friends in  Eskisehir.

I created  2  groups in Facebook for friends of  Eskisehir, and  I am really amazed at  the friendliness of  the people in Eskisehir,  and  the beauty  of  the city.

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