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How Many Men Have You Slept With Before Me?

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and how many men get told the truth.......

my options would be I have been saving myself for you darling (those strecthmarks the result of rapid growth spurt in my teens, thats not a c-section scar I just had a very big appendix) or belt out a few bars of Madonna's like a virgin or depending on where the relationship is at the answer could be enough to know you are not up to much Posted Image

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And women ask men how many they've been to bed with too.

Answering this question can get you into a world of trouble but I found out here the correct number to say, it's ten, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Posted Image Posted Image


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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I do not think that this question is only important for turkish guys... I think it is a very common question in all over the world. The only annoying thing about most turkish men is that they want to have sexual interraction with their girlfriends but when it comes to marriage they want their ''own woman''. I think this is hypocrisy. Not all turkish guys are like that though, I am just talking in general :)

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I totally agree wıth you jansuetom , they prefer the virgin one Posted Image or woman who hasnt sex wıth him when it comes to marriage . but turkısh women are really free

about sex in our day and men dont want to get married , they dont wısh to have the responsibility of a woman and kids . they just live the moment until the age of 50

Posted Image later on they prefer getting married. at the age of 50 , they are after the young woman in any case they are the losıng party .

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