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Im Back And Ready To Post :d

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Hey everyone,I hope you are all ok and sorry i havent posted for sooo long, I have kept an eye on the forum though but since i moved back to Turkey i really have been so busy. The past few months it feels like one thing after another we have had to do but now we are able just to be normal again lol.

First we had our Nigde wedding, then we had our Side wedding and entertaining both our families. After we went on a weeks honeymoon to Hisourano which was really nice, I could not believe how many English people are there tho!!

A few weeks after was Bayram so we went back to Nigde to spend it with my husbands family, really i loved Bayram but my gosh i was crying by the end of it. I couldnt bear to eat any more food or speak any more Turkish. We literally went from house to house visiting people, eating their borek, baklava and fruits. As we were just married and i am English i was naturally the center of attention (which after 1 week of seeing 100's of people is really really tiring) and not just that, eating real real Turkish food. I am however used to all these things now as we eat traditional food at home nearly every day but bayram wow there was sooo many things i had never seen before!

When we came home it took us a while to get back to normal, relax a little bit and get the house together, i also painted and decorated and picked all the furniture before the wedding and then had all of my husbands family living in my new cleanly decorated home when i stayed at the hotel with my parents lol....

O the Turkish life i love so much. Really i actually didnt mind as i love my family in law very much, but by the end of the week i just wanted my home back!!!!!

After we managed to relax a bit it was then Kurban Bayram and since ive just been trying to make friends and live our normal mixed cultural life which is going very well. Ive adapted fine into Turkish life, last year when i lived here just felt like a holiday now i look back but this year we live a normal life really.

Sorry for the long post but as i havent posted for sooo long i have actually done quite alot lately,This is some photos from the Nigde wedding and Henna.post-8461-0-32012300-1353234610_thumb.jppost-8461-0-56058900-1353234684_thumb.jppost-8461-0-22773200-1353234769_thumb.jppost-8461-0-96372900-1353234899_thumb.jppost-8461-0-50026800-1353234955_thumb.jppost-8461-0-61838300-1353234813_thumb.jppost-8461-0-42263200-1353235019_thumb.jpAnd here is some photos from our Side wedding and Henna.post-8461-0-70195800-1353235271_thumb.jppost-8461-0-38407000-1353235456_thumb.jppost-8461-0-90704200-1353235543_thumb.jppost-8461-0-09526700-1353235639_thumb.jppost-8461-0-79433600-1353235731_thumb.jppost-8461-0-40456200-1353235789_thumb.jppost-8461-0-55727900-1353235846_thumb.jppost-8461-0-43580400-1353235899_thumb.jppost-8461-0-58990600-1353235941_thumb.jppost-8461-0-09499500-1353235993_thumb.jpThere are sooooo many photos but i wont bore you!! I look forward to getting back into the community again too :D xx


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Thanks Abi, yeah im suprised how well i managed to properly settle in, but i think when you know your permanantly here you dont want to do alot of the stuff a tourist does. First few month were a little difficult learning how to cook everything properly from scratch like nohut etc but i love it now xx

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Thank you very much. We live far away from his family but really i am the lucky one to have such a wonderful mother, father and brother in law along with the rest of the family. They dont expect anything of me and whenever i do something they are so proud of me and have accepted me like their daughter! Thank goodness as i always hear so many horror stories about family-in-law xx

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Welcome back Swabs! I was waiting for you to come back so I could see your photos -- and you really do look radiant & happy!

I recently attended a village wedding as well -- including the henna night and then the wedding. Did they also pin money & gold onto you? Then about 3 weeks later they had a mevlüt at the bride's new flat. Did you have the same?

Always something new & interesting to learn with these cultural customs! :)

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Welcome back Swabs. Your photos were great and you looked beautiful in both your dresses. I'm pleased to hear that you've settled in well and look forward to hearing more from you.

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Thanks for the messages back!! To be honest it took me about a month to figure out how to add pictures!! I tried like 3 times then gave up for a few weeks lol.

Um Vic nothing really the usual haha, Chickpeas, beef pieces in a red watery sauce, i do the same to beans and green beens aswell as leeks and carrots. I also like to make aubergine and mince meat, potato/mince meat borek, stuffed vine leaves, stuffed peppers and all the differt koftes!

Ive actually gone off English food alot lately, dont know why but i think its because most english food is sooo stodgy and too much but turkish food is so healthy and tastes good.

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