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Turkish Boyfriend To Visit Uk, Work, Fiance Visa Option

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I’ve been reading some of the previous postings and thought hopefully someone could possibly advise me in my situation.

I would like my Turkish boyfriend to come visit me in the London, the main reason for this is I would like to see how he can adapt to London life as he has never visited the UK.


Seeing this will let me know if we have a future together.

I visited/stayed with his family in Mersin in November and they are very lovely.

I bonded with his family and found myself thinking more seriously of a future with him.

I will visit them again March next year.


I have read some horror stories and yes I am worried, my family are worried but I know if they met him they would love him, but this is why I want him to come to the UK to see if me and him have a future. He has never asked for money and he is working to pay for his own flight tickets etc. Options:


1 – Comes to UK on a Tourist /General Visa, multiple visits up to 6 months, problem is he cannot work, which will be frustrating for him. But he can meet my friends and family and see how he integrates in the UK. How easy is it for him to obtain a permit to work once he is on a tourist visa? Or is this not advisable.


2- Ankara Agreement – I have read about this but he is not a ‘skilled’ worker. He is a carpenter; furniture maker however has no qualification on paper to show this.


3- Fiance Visa, this way I get time to see if me and him have a future together in the UK and gives us 6 months to ‘decide’ if we get married . But what happens if the relationship doesn’t work. Would I have to inform the Home Office and he goes back to Turkey I assume. If me and him work out then we marry in the 6months and he applies for settlement I guess. Does he need an pass English test before? This is the easier option?


Me and him have spoken a lot about this, we do not want to rush, but I know if he goes to the army, I would be very disheartened if I have to wait over a year till he is finished. I want him to see what London life is like. If he doesn’t like London and we decide we still want to be together, we have spoken about the possibility of me moving turkey. But I would definitely want to marry in the UK. And I am initially thinking of me and him having a life in UK not Turkey.

I earn £30,000 a year and I rent my apartment, I do not own a property.


I am of Indian origin, British Citizen born in UK so our families understand certain traditions/culture.

I am 29 he is 21. I must point I look very young for my age.

He has no Turkish passport- so will need to applyMilitary service starts Nov 2013 – but I read if he lives in London he can be exempt and serve only 21days.

Any type of advice would help. I feel very lost and do not know where to turn.

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First of all Welcome to the forum. No one can be 100% sure if their Turkish boyfriend is sincere or not, only time will tell, so whatever you do, don't rush into things.

If he gets a tourist visa he can not work and he must make sure he sticks to the dates on the visa and not overstay as this will go against him if he does at a later date want to apply for a Settlement visa.

If he wants to apply for a Settlement visa, yes he will have to pass and English test. You can find lots of information about this on the web. Also you need to start collecting things that show you are together and have been together over a period of time.

To be exempt from military service people who have lived abroad have to pay something in the region of 30,000 tl, if I remember rightly.

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Hi dahliasweet and welcome.

It is very difficult to obtain a tourist visa especially for a young man. He will need to show assets, a job to come back to and strong family ties i.e.. he supports the family.
As for working in the UK, this is not allowed on a visit visa and the visitor cannot switch into any other category, so a work permit is out of the question.

Any application made under the Ankara Agreement whilst a Turkish citizen is on visit visa would be refused.

The fiancé visa does not give you six months to decide because you must be married and make a settlement application within the six months. You must make a settlement application no later than one month before the fiancé visa expires.

On the bright side your income is more than sufficient to meet the immigration rules if you apply for a fiancé/settlement visa. Good luck whatever you decide Posted Image

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Welcome to the forum Dahliasweet. You didn't mention if your boyfriend has a steady job? This might affect any application for a visa. Also, he would have to postpone his military service in order to visit you before starting. He would need to spend 3 years (or is it 2 now, not sure?) abroad before qualifying for paid military service, for 10,000 euros (must apply at the Turkish consulate outside the country), and there's no longer any requirement to serve 21 days. [The 30,000 TL offer was only for those born before 31.12.82 & expired on 15.06.12].

If you browse the forum, there's plenty of detailed info & advice for your situation...........good luck & be happy! :)

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I am ever so grateful, for you to take the time to read and offer me advice. Thank you all for your kindness.

Dear Sunny – I guess the main concern is just the timescales. If he comes on a tourist visa, stays in the UK for a month with me and then returns to Turkey. Does he have to wait for the six month Tourist visa to expire before we can apply for a fiancé visa. I think it is good if he comes to the Uk to visit so I can see if he is ‘genuine’ I believe he is and always have but doubts have been put into my head by others. As i mentioned i am of Indian orign and found bonding with his family so natural, our customs and traditions are very similar. But I guess being sensible if safer. I do have evidence of us together and will start to build a file. Does he only need to pass the English test for a fiancé visa not a tourist one? But isn’t this the most expensive route? Haven’t to apply for three different visa? Toruist, Fiance, Settlement?

Dear Aston – Ok so I understand he can not switch between Tourist visa to a work visa. And I know he will not fall under the Ankara agreement as he is not ‘skilled’ enough or does not hold the relevant qualifications on paper. For me to obtain a fiancé visa, I would have to provide evidence beforehand of our marriage ceremony booking then? I am a bit worried about marrying him the first time he comes to the UK. So the ceremony has to be dated within six months of the fiancé visa, preferably before thus giving me enough time to appy for a settlement visa? What happens in the time we marry while we wait for the decision of his settlement visa, does he have to return to Turkey? What are the chances of his settlement being refused?

Dear Meral – He has been working for four years, not in the same job though. Does this effect as he has not stayed with the same employer? Thank you and he has explained about him spending 3 years etc abroad to be exempt.

Thank you so much. I am planning on visiting his family again at the end of December.

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Delia have you only met your boyfriend once, how did you meet and how long have you known him?. If he hasn't been to the UK before he may form an opinion but he won't know if he likes living there because holidays and actually living somewhere are 2 totally different things. He doesn't need to pass the English test if he applies for a Tourist Visa. It doesn't matter if he has changed jobs as long as he is in employment now and has a reason to return to Turkey if he comes on a Tourist Visa.

If he applies for a finance's visa he has to pass the English test before he submits his application as he has to supply the original certificate at the same time or they will refuse the visa.

If you do apply for a Fiance visa application form can be found here. After you marry and before the 6 months is up you will have to complete and submit a FLR(M) it's a new form, as new rules have been put in place since July of this year, application form and guidance notes can be found here. He will not be able to work until this application is successful.

Under the new rules any applications made on or after 9 July 2012 now take 5 years before a person can apply for ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) in the UK.

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Hi Daliasweet it will help the fiancé visa application if you can book the wedding and once you are married and make the FLR(M) application your husband remains in the UK and it is very rare that the FLR(M) would be refused after you have been granted a fiancé visa. Take care Posted Image

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