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Applying For Chinese Visa From Turkey

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd fill you in about another of my experiences living and traveling with Turkey as home base.

If you have a residence permit in Turkey, you are eligible to apply for a Chinese visa here even if you are not a citizen, but you do have to file a supplementary form.

In fact, you can apply as a tourist, businessperson, official, or journalist quite easily. Fill out the documents, secure an invitation letter (as is required by China for almost all countries), gather your passport and blue residence book, and you're ready to apply. Here's the site for all that + a host of other possible requirements : http://tr.chineseembassy.org/eng/lsfw/ in English & Turkish.

However, and quite sadly, what the Ankara embassy doesn't say in English is that for the Istanbul consulate you MUST APPLY THROUGH AN AGENT. Posted Image Do not go to the consulate for any reason, really. No one there is even Chinese!

I discovered this unexpectedly this morning, and in fact there are less than 10 agents that will help you get a visa in Istanbul. They are listed here (only in Turkish): http://istanbul.china-consulate.org/tur/lsfw/t321497.htm

So now I'm back to square one...at least I have all the documentation ready!

I just wanted to let you and the internet know this because the consulate is not easy to find and their hours are very strange, and it was a huge waste of time for me to go there this morning. If you have any other questions, feel free to send a message.

By the way, this info does not apply to people with certain connections to China, apparently, because there were a bunch of Chinese-looking Turkish speakers there this morning, who I assume were either half turkish or Turkish-born Chinese nationals.

Anyway, best of luck to all! As an American this was the first time I ever had to apply for a visa, and it has been quite complicated so far. Now I understand how some of you feel when you're trying to go to the US! Posted Image

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As a follow-up, I'd like to say that once you do hire an agent (which worked very well for me)! they will be able to fake almost everything (for example, book fake flights/hotel reservations). The main thing you will have to do is show funding, so for a tourist visa that means a hefty $5,000.

Good news is that can be faked also, just get someone to put the money in your account and print the statement. They can take it right out after you print it :PI got my visa finally after a 1 month jumping-through-hoops experience. Don't follow my example and just hire an agent -- it's the only way in Turkey and costs just 75 TL at Setur. Turnaround after I gave them everything was 7 days.

Now, to apply for a Brazilian visa...

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