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Eyptian Man Wanting A Divorce From Turkish Citizen

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Hello everyone, I am from egypt who went to Turkey and fell in love with an american citizen who has a turkish resident visa.

She is teaching in Turkey.

She abused me exrrmely after getting married and I have all the proof.

I now wwnt a divorce after being married for onlt 3 months and she is threatening me and telling me stories to scare me because I dont know the Turkish laws or american laws.

Can anybody help me answer my questions ,nobody seems to knw anything.

I am back in my country and she keeps calling me and threatening me. QUESTIONS... 1- After 6 months she will have the right to divorce me and in this case not get in trouble? I can go and back to turkey or will stop me in the airport?2- Can I remarry again in turkey to another Turkish resident or citizen?3-And will he get black point on my paper in turkey or no?4- how can I use all his evidence of cheating and abuse against her to get the divorce and return his personal things she took them. 5- I donot not have money to hire a lawyer can I do it alone? .

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Hi and welcome to our forum Mohammad888 sorry to read you are having problems. 1. Unless you both agree to a divorce you could find it may take a long time and you do need legal advice as it could take up to 3 years. The authorities would have no reason to stop you from entering or leaving Turkey.2/3. Yes, you can remarry once you are divorced. If you are Egyptian you will probably be a Muslim so you would be free to take a 2nd wife as you know, if you have a religious wedding, but of course it would not have any legal standing in a law court. You won't get a black point against you because you are divorced or getting divorced. I see you are posting from the US are you a US Citizen? Here is a link from the American Embassy about Marriage and Divorce in Turkey.4. Consult a Turkish lawyer. 5. If you haven't got any money to hire a lawyer you have a problem.

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Hi Mohammed, welcome to the forum. Sorry about the problems with your marriage. Abi is correct -- you can get a divorce in Turkey easily and quickly ONLY if both parties agree. If the other doesn't agree, after 3 years you don't need their consent and can go ahead. Under 3 years and without agreement, it's usually necessary to show that one party is at fault in some way, and then it depends on the judgement (refusal to grant divorce is rare but has happened).

I agree with Abi that you really need to get a good lawyer .......or perhaps one of our forum lawyers may offer some advice? Good luck ! Posted Image

PS. Sorry, I'm not sure if there's a minimum period of marriage before applying for a divorce.Posted Image

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Hello Mohammed,This is Av.

Acelya, from Turkish Divorce com, last week you contacted us, and we supplied answers to all your questions, you even exchanged documents with us.

To clarify again, there is no six months rule in Turkish Law, after one year you can get uncontested divorce,However your case is hardly falling into an uncontested divorce, as there is threats and bad behaviour between partiesWith your evidences in your hand you can divorce your wife,However since you are not familiar with the Turkish system and has not got the fluent Turkish we recommend you to work with a professional lawyer. Our office as you know has got the experience with mixed marriages and the competitive fee structure.

Also I would highly recomend you to get a professional advice regarding your entries to Turkey, otherwise you may have to face airport police.

If you have any further questions you know our contact details,Best Regards,AvAcelya.

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