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Address For Marriage

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I have a question. I will marry my boyfriend that lives and work in bursa. His address is registred in bursa. He also have a home in ankara. My ikamet was made in ankara and i never change the address to bursa. My question is: i only can marry in bursa because is my future husband address or i can marry in istanbul or any other province? We have 2 homes so i dont know how they do in cases like this. Usually inmigration office make visits here after marriage? Because if they come to my home in bursa and im in ankara, this can make a confusion and i want to avoid that in the future.

Thanks for all the help and advices.

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xmirabellex i would think that you could marry anywhere within Tukrey,but you will have to change your address details to where you will be permanately living.

When are you planning your forth coming Wedding.

Where abouts in Bursa are you living?

My hubby;s from Inegol.


Remember n post some Wedding Pics.

Lindy Lou

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Hi and welcome to our forum xmirabellex it is possible to register 2 address's listed with the Nufus office. I assume that you have already registered at the Nufus office in Ankara and you should do the same at the Nufus office in Bursa. When you have registered the 2nd address the Nufus office they will give you a printout showing both address. After you have done that it may be a good idea to go to the Emniyet Müdürlüğü office in Ankara and show them that you now have 2 address's.

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