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Sad News / Lost In Paradise.

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My friend Beverly telephoned to-night,but it was'nt her speaking,it was one of her Turkish neighbours informing me that Beverly had sadly died earlier this evening around 6.30pm at her home.

Someone will contact me tomorrow to arrange for me to go to the Devlet/Morgue to see her.

I would like to find out what was her cause of death and where she will be buried.

When Beverly was granted Turkish Citizenship a few years back she took a Turkish name.

I only know her as Bev or Yildiz.

Is there anybody within this Forum that would know her English n Turkish Surnames.

Sorry to post a sad message.

I'm still in a state of shock,finding it hard to take in what has happened to this lovely lady.

May Bev/Yildiz be that Free Spirit that she once was.

Lindy Lou

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LindyLou I was very shocked and felt very sad when I read your post. I knew that Bev was and had been ill with various things over the years and was recently diagnosed and was being treated for emphysema even though she never smoked. Bev also suffered from epilepsyand suffered from fits so it maybe that was the cause of death.

I believe she had grown up children in the UK but I don't think she had much to do with them for various reasons. I hope the British Embassy have details of her family and will be able to let them know.

I know the name of another forum she posted on, would you like me to inform them if your aren't a member?

Unfortunately I don't know what her English or Turkish name was but if you are in touch with her neighbour she would at least know her Turkish surname.

May you rest in peace LostinParadise.

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I'm sad to hear about Bev's death too. When she posted she always seemed chipper and upbeat even though she must have been feeling bad at times. Great shame.


Çukurbağlı's blog. Warning - takes you off the forum and into the www.wilderness


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I was shocked and sad to hear the news about Bev. She seemed to have had a lot of problems since she joined the forum, health and otherwise, but as Cukur says, she was always cheerful on here.

I'm afraid I can't help with UK information either - perhaps you will be able to find an address book if the Consulate can't help?

Please keep us informed LL.

RIP Bev.

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My thanks to Ken,Abi. Cukurbagli n Sunny, for getting back to me. Bev would have been surprised that anybody has taken the time to say nice things about her.

She always thought she was a burden to folks with her health and family issues.

I only met her 10 times for Cay n a natter ovder the past 9 months.

We chatted for hours on the phone as most of the time we would make plans to go out n she would cancel at the last minute.

So most of the time i was her telephone buddy.i was always there to listen to hear dilemas n try to calm her down.

Bev said i had a great calming influence on her which she wished she had.

The last time i saw her was 1 month ago i went to deliver Herbals tablets that i had got her whilst on holiday in Scotland.

Some people come into your life for just a short spell others are there for ever.

May Bevs Spirit be free now , she was a very depressed person at times.

I often had her laughing trying to make light of her problems.

She regularily attended the Esnaf Hospital n was on several medications.

Abi. that would be good of you if you could post on the other Forums n let them know that Bev has sadly passed away.

I received a telephone call a short time ago to say that i don;t have to go to the Hospital,things have been delayed until Monday.

The British Consulate has to try and contact her Sister,Son n Daughter of which she;s had no dealings with for years.

Old Family Issues that have troubled the lost soul for most of her adult life.

Bevs Forum name Lost In Paradise did suit her.

She was in Paradise living here in Fethiye but a bit on the Lost part was very true.

Bev spoke of an English Lady by the name of Helen that lives here in Fethiye, i do hope she's been contacted.they had known one another for 4/5 years.

There' s also an english Lady by the name of Anne that also lives in the Fethiye area,up until 1 year ago her n Bev had been close friends,letters were posted by Bev to an Agony Aunts page on Land Of Lights NewspaperI.

She should have spoken to this Lady face to face,but neither of the two sadly made up.

Sad when things like this and now the persons gone forever and too late to make up.

I used to see this lady at my Tai Chi Class but that was well before summer set in.

I'm rambling on here,just concerned about a warm,friendly and higly intelligent woman that just wanted to fit in with everyday normal life.

I'll always have a place in my heart for you Bev.

Lindy Lou

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Thank you for that background information LL. It's sad when people have issues with loved ones and lose touch especially when something like this happens and as you say, it's too late to make up. That should be a lesson to all of us.

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Yes indeed she was a lovely lady and I'm glad she had you as a good friend as I know it would have meant a lot to her because I know she lonely troubled by various things going on in her life. Bev and I used to PM each other from time to time a while ago and I tried to help her with some of her problems if I could. Sadly I never met her or spoke to her.

I'm hoping that Bev has now found her place in Paradise and is at last happy.

Condolences to you LL on losing a special friend.

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Aston n Meral.thanks for your kind words.

I'm sure Bev will be thinking how sweet for your posts,hopefully reasuring her that she did indeed have more friends than she thought she had.

Life is so so short n we only get one shot at it. So.discuss your differences,kiss n make up,.shake hands n move on with your life cause we never know what lies round the corner.

Lindy Lou

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Hello my friends, I received a call from a Male Turkish friend of Bev's,i passed him onto my Hubby so that the information given is correct.

He was going to deal with the British Consulate to-day and will contact us later with an up-date.

Perhaps Abi, you could pass this info onto the other Forum that Bev used,just incase there are folks out there that would like to go to her Funeral.

Perhaps some of them live in the Fethiye area.

Many thanks Abi.

It's a waiting game now to see what's going to happen next.

Lindy Lou

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I'm meeting with Bevs Daughter n Son tomorrow at The British Consulate in Fethiye.

I'm pleased that they've been contacted regarding their mothers sudden death n came over.

There has'nt been alot of contact between them over the years.so this is going to be a daunting meeting for them in a strange country.

I only knew their mum for such a short time,9 months.

All i can do is tell them how i came to befriend their mum,show them her home n favourite places here in Fethiye.

I do feel better now known that they;re here.

Lindy Lou

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I'm very pleased to read that her son and daughter were contacted and they are coming to Turkey. It's very sad that soo many years have gone by without contact and that they are here to say goodbye to their Mum.

I hope it won't be too daunting a day for you and them but I know Bev will be very grateful as you have been such a good friend to her. I guess at last funeral arrangement will be able to be made and they can be there for the funeral.

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I hope the meeting with Bev's children goes well and that you are all able to come to terms with her death.

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Sunny, all went well to-day with meeting Bevs Kids under the circumstances.

Bevs Funeral will be held over in Catalarik Cemetery on Fri 21st Sept at 3pm on the outskirts of Fethiye,Anyone that lives within the area is more than welcome to come along n send Bev on her journey.

Lindy Lou

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Thank you for that information LL. I'm afraid I'm too far away to attend but please could you give Bev's family our condolences?

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