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Need Help ! Can Anyone Advise Me

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hi i married a turkish in turkey he moved to the uk 4 years ago and we have now seperated and tried to get a divorce here in the uk but just recieved a letter back from the local court and the judge has said in the letter : having considered the evidence filed, is not satisfied that the petitioner is entitled to the decreesought because there is no ackknowledgement of service...does this mean im not legally married in uk only turkey and can i marry an english guy here in the uk...


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Hi Ladyspice and welcome to our forum. I don't really understand what is meant by the phase "acknowledgement of service.." did you not include your red marriage book that you were given after you had your civil wedding?

If you had a civil marriage in Turkey it is recognised and therefore valid in the UK. You can't re-marry until you are divorced .

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I think it just means he had not sent back the acknowledgement of service sent to him by the court.

If you are in contact with him.ask him if he signed it and sent it back to the court.

If he is uncontactable then you can still do it but it takes longer.

He was given 14 days to send his paper back...........ask the court office for advice..best of luck!

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